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Three Point Shot: Buffalo is "Jacked Up" in South Dakota

In what was the biggest stage of the season UB came out with about their flattest performance. While losing to the Jack Rabbits, on the road, is nothing to be ashamed of the complete beat down UB received today is a reason to worry about the rest of the season.

During the ESPN "Bracket Busters" The Bulls traveled to South Dakota to take on the second ranked team in the summit league.

For the first five to ten minutes UB kept the game close, pulling even with the Jacks several times before slopy work on the boards put UB in a whole from which they could not recover.

Overall the team looked flat, really flat. So much so that when Javon McCrea fouled out late in the second it was a little piece of mercy. On the Day McCrea was just 4-13 from the field, 0-1 from the line, and had three turnovers.

Point 1: Hello CBI or CIT

One week ago had UB projected as an eight seed in the NIT. While it's not the dance the NIT is still a great post season tournament. Losses to Kent on the road and now to South Dakota State have cost UB two of their best chances at improving their RPI this season.

Point 2: The worst part

Losing to South Dakota is not a tragedy but UB, from the onset, was flat. Missing put backs, getting dominated on the boards, this was not Reggie Ball.

Point 3: I hope this is not where we start our spring slump

Buffalo has a recent history of falling apart in the second half of conference play. UB has went from an eight game winning streak to a two game losing streak with the most important part of conference play remaining.