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2012: Best of Bull Run #8 The Bulls and The Bills

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

2012 was a great year for UB and a great year for UB Bull Run. 2012: Best of Bull Run Looks back at the 20 top stories covered by Bull Run during 2012.

Two teams, two inadequate stadiums, 10 total wins, 0 postseasons appearances. 2012 football in Buffalo ladies and gentlemen.

The Bills overshadow the Bulls, they also steal our coaches:

UB Coaching Staf the Bills by Tim Riordan January 11, 2012

I'm sure this guy will be just as good:

So we'll lose the competition for coaches, do we lose in the competition for fans?

Where Are We? #5 Competition With The Bills by bull_trojan May 22, 2012

Some fiction on what could have been if the city bought into the Bulls the way they buy-in to the Bills (despite a bakers dozen years of futility)

And some facts about how bad a dual fan has least we're not Akron/Cleveland Brown fans am I right?

The Postseason Meal: 2012 Pt. 2: Misery's Company by bull_trojan December 10, 2012