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UB Coaching Staff Raided.. by the Bills

He will still be yelling at Buffalo football players, just of the NFL variety <a href=""></a>
He will still be yelling at Buffalo football players, just of the NFL variety

When UB Coach William Inge was chosen as seven Division I assistant football coaches and athletic directors from across the nation taking part in the NCAA's 2011 Champion Forum that was a sign. When Inge along was named one of the Buffalo Bulls 2011 Bill Walsh NFL Minority Coaching Fellowship participants that should have all but confirmed it.

The Bills graciously let us keep coach Inge another year but in the end they are nearly as desperate as UB to turn things around.

Inge, who has served as the Bulls’ defensive coordinator and linebackers coach since Quinn arrived at UB two years ago, served in the NFL minority coaching program this past year and worked part of the Bills’ training camp. He will be the assistant defensive line coach for new defensive coordinator Dave Wannstedt. -- UBAthletics

That's right the Stache rolls into Buffalo and takes maybe our best coach.

While its never fun to see a coach leave I'm pretty happy for Inge. Not only does he get to move up to the NFL but he does so without having to uproot his family. As a father that is huge!

"Coach Inge was contacted by the Buffalo Bills about joining their staff and has accepted the opportunity presented to him, which I completely understand. He set the example of loyalty in this profession, he was loyal to this staff, the players and the program and did a tremendous job for us.

"I’d like to thank Coach Inge for everything he has done for the University at Buffalo and wish him and his family all the best. We are actively seeking his replacement to coach our defense and I’m certain that we will have outstanding candidates to do so." -- Jeff Quinn

Off season 2011 was the year of offensive coaching changes, this season Quinn gets a chance to tinker with the defense. Ill be sure to keep an ear to the ground as coach Quinn searches for a replacement.