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2012: Best of Bull Run #10: UB Alumni


2012 was a great year for UB and a great year for UB Bull Run. 2012: Best of Bull Run Looks back at the 20 top stories covered by Bull Run during 2012.

2012 was a mild year for UB alumni, no Bulls were drafted, but we continued to track the growing list of UB alums making an impact on the football world.

Marcus Rivers to the Green Bay Packers by Tim Riordian April 28, 2012

Rivers was cut by the Packers, and earned a tryout with the Colts in November, he was unsigned in 2012.

Byron Mulkey Earns Tryout With Buffalo Bills by Tim Riordian May 2, 2012

If he was that good, we should have had him playing dual. I remember him hitting the scene in my final year in 2006. Brett Hamlin was the leading receiver, Naaman wasn't a WR yet, he could have found his way onto the field

Bulls Playing Professional Football by BrandedBull September 21, 2012

Starks was injured a lot, but Willy and Ernest Jackson played really well North of the Border.

Some love for the former coaches:

FNR: Dude! Where's My Coach? 1999-present by bull_trojan October 12, 2012

And finally Trevor Scott helped the Patriots, the NFL hub of Buffalo Bulls, defeat the Miami Dolphins:
99 for 99 - #18 - Trevor Scott Sacks The NFL by bull_trojan December 20, 2012