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Marcus Rivers to the Green Bay Packers

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After sitting through seven rounds of the NFL draft Marcus Rivers, as expected, was not picked to move up to the next level. But like so Many Bulls in recent years Rivers was quickly snatched up as a undrafted free agent as soon as the draft completed.

Marcus Rivers is going to Green Bay! He will be following a path blazed by then sixth round draft pick James Starks. Rivers will travel to Wisconsin in an attempt to crack an NFL Roster as a Packer.

Rivers, who spent most of his Buffalo playing days in the shadow of Naaman Roosevelt, had just 35 receiving yards entering his junior season. During the next two years he would put up more than 1300 yards and move up to ninth in UB's record book for all time receiving yards and tenth receiving touchdowns.

During his first two seasons, under Turner Gill, the Lackawana Native had some issues trying to secure the catch before trying to take off up field during. Under Jeff Quinn, and with a hole in the unit left by the departures of Naaman Roosevelt and Brett Hamlin, Rivers became one of the most reliable receivers on the team.

2011 60 615 10.3 29 2
2010 50 690 13.8 81 5
2009 5 35 7 10 1
2008 2 11 5.5 7 0

The Packers were not slated as needing a receiver, and accordingly they did not draft a receiver this year. Rivers will still have to compete against Dale Moss from South Dakota State and Darius Reynolds from Iowa State both were also taken by the packers after the draft.

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