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99 for 99: Instant Classic - Week 9 - The Joe Licata Era Begins

The 99th season of UB Football began September 1st in Athens, Georgia and ended Friday in Columbus, Ohio. 99 for 99 will run until the MAC Championship game on November 30th. During the Season, the 99 for 99 Instant Classic will immortalize the best moment from the previous game, and let you, the reader decide the best moment of the season.

November 3, 2012 - Buffalo 27, Miami 24 - Playing for an injured Alex Zordich, Joe Licata starts his first game and gives Buffalo their first FBS win on the year.

Joe Licata was given the ball for his first start and it wasn't pretty. Joe started 3-8, all 3 completions to Branden Oliver, gaining only 10 yards and he tossed 1 interception. Fortunately, Buffalo has become accustomed to playing in low scoring scrums and the teams went into the half tied at 3. No one expected the second half to be a shootout.

In the second half, Licata was 2-2 on UB's first drive which lead to a Branden Oliver touchdown run. Miami came right back down the field and tied the game. On the next drive, Licata only needed one pass, a 43-yard touchdown strike to Alex Neutz. Licata started the half 5-6 for 71 yards and a touchdown, but then he went cold missing on his next 4 passes. A FG try turned into a freak play where Tony Daniel threw a brilliant pass to Alex Dennision for a first down. On 1st and 20, from the 21, Licata hit Lee for a touchdown, putting the Bulls up 24-17 with 6 minutes remaining in the game.

Miami was able to score and from there an amazing kick return by Devin Campbell and an equally amazing game-winning field goal by Patrick Clarke gave Bufffalo the dramatic 27-24 win. It wasn't always pretty, but the team definitely seemed to move better with Licata under center. Will he ever relinquish the job back to Zordich?

Recent UB QB Debuts

Player Completions Attempts Yards Comp % TDs INTs Passer Rating Rushes Rush Yards
Willy 30 38 288 78.9% 2 0 160 14 -2
Maynard 12 19 159 63.2% 1 0 150.8 5 19
Licata 13 24 127 54.2% 2 1 117.8 3 9
Zordich 11 26 98 42.3% 0 3 50.9 17 26