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3 Heroes - Finally

For the first time since 2009, 3 heroes returns to the internet.

The premise is simple: when we win, I praise our heroes, when we lose I criticize our goats. Take any praise in stride, lest we get a big head. Take any criticism with a grain of salt, this is how we learn.

A great game is turned into an ugly win by Lou Tepid, ok no negativity this week, right into the heroes.

3) Branden Oliver - Straps on his lunchpail for the most pedestrian 199 yard game I've ever seen. 32 yards on his first carry. 9 carries 60 yards 6.6 ypc 1st quarter. 9 carries 42 yards 4.6 ypc 2nd quarter. The cure for 3rd quarter droughts? 8 carries 68 yards 8.5 ypc 3rd quarter. We still have to feed BO more in the 4th, 6 carries, 29 yards 4.8 ypc.

2) UB Special Teams - Is this real life? Game winning field goal by Patrick Clarke set up by a great kick return by Devin Campbell. A botched field goal turned game saving 4th down conversion. No catastrophic breakdown in return coverage.

1) Joe Licata - In his first start he wasn't perfect, but he was better. The balls we're where they needed to be. The balls were spread around, it wasn't all Neutz. The wide receivers did not help him. It was against one of the worst defenses in the MAC. But for now it's progress, we haven't been able to beat anyone so I won't pick apart the win we got.