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Top 99 UBFB Moments

99 for 99 - #82: Jim Hofher's First Win at UB

The Rivalry That Wasn't, Buffalo Football 99 for 99 - #82: Jim Hofher's First Win at UB against his hometown team, the UConn Huskies.

99 for 99: #1 - Speechless: The 2008 MAC Champs

The #1 moment in the first 100 seasons of UB Football, UB wins the 2008 MAC Championship.

99 for 99: #2 - The 1958 Buffalo Bulls

The greatest team in UB history is overshadowed by racial discrimination, but the legacy was reborn through the 2008 Buffalo Bulls.

UB's Successful Transition from Peele To Clair

Clair followed UB's most successful coach by going 6-1-1 and scoring a signature win over the Louisville Cardinals.

99 for 99 #4: Jim Peele's Blueprint 2

Jim Peele's saved his best for last, in his final season, the Bulls go 8-1 and for the first time in history find themselves in the Bowl Game Discussion.

99 for 99: #4 Jim Peele's Blueprint - Part 1

Jim Peele's 1946 Postwar Bulls finish 7-2.

99 for 99 #5: The Catch

The greatest and most significant ending to a Bulls game in history.

The International Bowl

The #6 moment in UB history.

Western New York Rivals

A look back at 88 games against WNY Rivals during UB's 99 seasons of Football

UB's Perfect Seasons

1897 and 1899 mark the two undefeated seasons of UB's 99 seasons of play.

99 for 99: #10 - The End of the Golden Era

Turmoil at UB doomed the Football program at it's peak.

#11 More Gasparre In The Tank

99 for 99: #11 - When things looked bleak, UB preserved their special season with a UB record 91 yard pass from Mark Taylor to Jamie Gasparre

UB's Sackmaster: Vince Canosa

As UB struggled through the transition to DI-AA, Vince Canosa took out his aggression on opposing quarterbacks.

99 for 99 - #13 - Bulls in the Super Bowl

#14: Midnight Strikes, The End of the Gill Era

Turner Gill leaves for the not so green pastures of Kansas, Buffalo hires Jeff Quinn.

Buffalo Finally Wins

99 for 99 - #15 - Buffalo Finally Wins - The 2003 Bulls snap a 18-game losing streak with a come from behind victory over the Ohio Bobcats

99 for 99 - #16 - Mark Taylor's Career High

99 for 99 - #17 - The Bill Dando Era

99 for 99 - #17 - The Bill Dando Era - Bill Dando becomes the winningest coach in UB history.

99 for 99 - #18 - Trevor Scott Sacks The NFL

Brett Farve, Matt Ryan, Donovan McNabb, Tony Romo, Ben Roethlisberger, Jason Campbell and Joe Flacco, have felt the sting of a Trevor Scott sack.

#19 - Pelz Kicks for UB Record 17 Points

99 for 99 #20: UB's 200th Game

#21 Willy Caves in the Miners with 4 TD Passes

Instant Classic: The Quinning Streak

Buffalo won three straight games in 2012, a feat that has only been matched three other times in the last two decades of UB football.

99 for 99 - #22 - Steve Nappo's 13 Interceptions

In my mind, UB football is comprised of,

#25 Coach Jim Wilson, UB's Grover Cleveland

99 for 99 - #26 - The Bulls Clinch The MAC East

There will never be another 2008.

99 for 99 - #27 - Jeff Quinn's First Win

Jeff Quinn wins his debut game against Rhode Island, Buffalo moves to 4-0 all time against the Rams. Jerry Davis starts and throws four touchdowns.

The Joe Licata Era Begins

Joe Licata makes his first career start and leads Buffalo to their first FBS win of the year.

I'm Thankful For Presidents Who Liked Sports

99 for 99 #28 - The 12th and 13th Presidents of UB, Steven Sample and William Greiner lead the Bulls back to major competition.

99 for 99 - #29 - The First Game of the Gill Era

The Bulls wins 9-3 in overtime to give Turner Gill his first win as UB Coach.

99 for 99 - #30 - UB Outgunned In the 30's

99 for 99 - #30 - UB Outgunned In the 30's - Buffalo suffers a series of embarrassing losses before Jim Peele arrives.

99 for 99: #31 - The End of the Offenhamer Era

The final games under the greatest coach in UB history, Dick Offenhamer.


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