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Time to breathe a little...hopefully

The Bulls currently sit at 3-2 in the MAC after its first time through the east, and now get to start the West part of their conference season with a home game against Eastern Michigan. EMU is tied for first in the MAC at 4-1, but anyone who follows the MAC knows that a 4-1 record vs the MAC west would barely be 500 ball in the east.

With that being said, I don't think this EMU team is one to be taken lightly. This is a team that lost who may possibly have been the most talented player in the conference (Branden Bowdry), and are highly improved over last years team. No stand out players for the Eagles this year, but really tough all around team defense is more important than stars. They hold their opponents to only 59 points per game, and in conference play only allowing 48.2 points per game by MAC opponents. Everyone one of their conference wins have been nail bitters, but close conference wins come from a toughness that some teams just don't have. I'd much rather take this Bulls team over EMU, but I kinda wished Buffalo had a little bit of Eagle in them.

Regardless of the stats, Buffalo should win this game, and in theory should be 4-2 against the MAC West at the very worst. Bulls fans know how mediocre their team can be against the inferior competition that comes in the middle of the conference schedule, so don't get your hopes up if they under perform. Ball State is 4-1 too this season, and Buffalo lost to the Cardinals 2 years in a row, so the Bulls cant fall asleep over the next few weeks. Knowing Reggie I personally expect the Bulls to go 4-2 against the MAC West over the next few weeks, but absolutely have the talent to go 5-1 or 6-0.