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Buffalo Bulls in the NFL & CFL

Green Bay Packers v Oakland Raiders


Khalil Mack... What’s going on?

Before the season started everyone was talking up Khalil Mack’s chances for setting an NFL sack record but with 3 games down Khalil has yet to get to the Quarterback.

Well Karl Cockerham thinks the problem is Oakland’s coaching.

But the problem isn’t Mack’s, it’s everything around him, including his coaching staff. The situation he was in last year was made for him to succeed so he did. Some of what’s slowing him down can’t be helped but the staff can help him. —

James Starks saw only a little action this past week against Detroit. One carry (-1 yard) and one reception (9 yards).

Steven Means recorded his first tackle as a Philadelphia Eagle this past week against Pittsburgh. It was his first regular season tackle since 2014, when he was with Tampa Bay.

Jake Schum made a phenomenal punt after an atrocious snap.

With 5:05 left in a one score game it’s far to call Schum’s punt a big part of that win.

Kristjan Sokoli ended up on the practice squad in Indianapolis. The Colts were home to UB Lineman Jamey Richard from 2009-2012.


All the buzz in the CFL right now is on Drew Willy.

Going into last weeks game, Toronto was still starting Dan Lefevour. After a short while Drew was put in and played pretty well. The assumption is that Willy is now the starter until Ricky Ray is healed up.

In his first game as an Argo Drew could see Ernest Jackson on the opposing sidelines. Sadly for Jackson his six game touchdown streak was broken.