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White North Wednesday - CFL Rosters Set

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Upcoming CFL games involving UB Bulls

Day Time Home Road Bulls TV
24-Jun 8:30 Winnipeg Montreal Drew Willy ESPN2
25-Jun 7:00 Edmonton Ottawa Ernest Jackson
Jake Silas

Drew Willy - No real surprise on Drew making the cut. He is considered by some to be among the top 50 players in the CFL.

Naaman Roosevelt - Roosevelt has been outstanding this preseason. Both in games and in practices. If the Riders do rebound after last year's horrible season it will be with Roosevelt as a feature receiver.

Dillon Guy - After a small amount of drama Dillon Guy will be joining Naaman in Riderville. The 4th round draft choice was cut by BC, who tried to stick Guy on their practice squad.

B.C. Lions reward players’ progress, but watch Riders pick off demoted draft picks | Vancouver Sun
The ‘Riders also added offensive lineman Dillon Guy, another B.C. draft pick (fourth round, 2016) who was ticketed for the Lions’ practice roster but also declined the assignment, as is his prerogative.

Because he was acquired by the riders in this fashion Saskatchewan is obligated to put him on game day roster in week one (it's a CFL thing).

Ernest Jackson - Was somehow left out of the top 50 CFL players but he has a chance to shine in a week one Grey Cup rematch.

Jake Silas - Silas' name did not appear on the final cut list or the practice squad list for Ottawa. I've not seen this week's two deeps yet but it's safe to assume Jake will be on it.

Natey Adjei - Adjei did not make the cut in Edmonton despite a respectable preseason showing. The Esks' were just too deep. Even Clarance Denmark, a very solid offensive weapon got the ax today.