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NCAA Allows two FCS games for Bowl eligible teams this year

So you might be asking yourself... What’s the screwed up decision that the NCAA will make this week....


The council approved a blanket waiver request for only the 2020-21 bowl season, which allows all FBS teams to count two games against FCS opponents that average at least 80% of the maximum amount of football scholarships during a two-year period. Previous bowl eligibility rules allowed FBS teams to count one game against an FCS opponent that averaged 90% of the maximum amount of football scholarships during the two-year span.

The adjustment could help FBS teams from leagues that are not playing conference-only schedules, but need to add opponents. The Big Ten and Pac-12 announced last week they will play conference-only schedules, although neither league has announced specific schedule details.

Ok I thought the whole reason conferences were going the “conference only route” was because of health protocols.

Ohio State ditched Buffalo and Bowling Green because, allegedly, it’s safer to play Rutgers in Columbus than a Bowling Green team that can literally drive there faster than the Scarlet Knights can drive.

If you’re worried that the MAC schools cannot manage the desired protocols what makes you thing the MEAC can?

This is being put in place to help P5 conferences only. It will primarily help the SEC schools who lost P5 games but it could help schools like Buffalo who need to fill a date as well.

I’m just furious because there are a lot of G5 schools like Buffalo who have a gaping hole in our schedule that could have filled the lost game for those SEC schools.

While I would have been ok with a case by case exception to P5 schools that showed a good faith effort to set up a game with a G5 school I am not happy about the blanket exception because for all intents and purposes it’s going to lock us out this year, and that means the crater in our budgets created by the cancellations will not be filled in with a substitute game, instead, most G5 teams might even have to get out their checkbook for another FCS game.

This situation just went from bad to worse...