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Watching Videos of UB Incoming Players — Keishawn Brewton

Keishawn Brewton, a 6–2 guard, joins the UB Men’s Basketball team after playing a year at Coastal Carolina University, where he was the team’s second leading scorer at 14.5 points per game. Brewton is a strong three-point shooter, where he shot 37.8%, better than anyone on the Bulls last year. Prior to that, Brewton played at Chipola Junior College, under then head coach Brendan Foley, who is now an assistant coach at UB.

This video is a highlight reel of (mostly) Brewton’s three pointers at Coastal Carolina.

We can see that Brewton can make three pointers from way behind the arc, including one (starting at about 1:50 of the video) where he was behind the 28 foot hash mark extended. He has a quick release and often makes his shots off-balance or on the move.

Of course, the video shows other plays made by Brewton as well, but what really sticks out is his shooting. Also, Brewton is a strong free throw shooter (not shown in the video, I mean, how boring would a video of free throw shooting highlights be?) at 75.8%, something the Bulls last year were not that good at.

So it looks to me that Brewton ought to be a good fit for the Bulls’ style of play.