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Transfer Portal Update

So, just to catch up on my most recent absence.

November is a heck of a month. Three birthdays, a holiday, an anniversary, and ... I work in corporate retail. So, I’ve been pretty busy.

But I should be spinning back up, thanks to Paige and Mike for keeping hoops covered. Sadly I didn’t have to find any time to do bowl selection coverage :(

Now football shifts to recruiting, and in this day and age that means the portal watch. Like it or not, and there are reasons to both like and loath it, it’s now a part of what makes a coach a good recruiter. Who do you lose, who do you keep, and who do you bring in.

Who are we losing :

Tim Terry : A senior and depth linebacker Terry is graduating and looks to grad transfer somewhere else.

Rowan McGwin : Freshman lineman who picked Buffalo over Liberty and some FCS schools

Eric Black : This one stings quite a bit. Black was huge in 2020 and played a good part in the defensive line rotation this past year.

Tahliq Battle : Freshman receiver who had no stats this year

Quillen Howze : Freshman CB who saw the field against WMU but racked up no stats this year

Jaillen Howze : Also a freshman, this time linebacker, who accumulated no stats this year

Nolan Gorczyca : Freshman lineman who saw action in Buffalo’s out of conference games

Overall, aside from Black and maybe Terry, not obvious gut punches. Losing some potential, particularly Gorczyca, but functionally the Bulls are not being punished too badly in the portal at this point.

Who are we keeping:

By “Keeping” I mean who enters the portal, dips their toes in the water, and decided Buffalo is still best for them. Then, of course, the coaches would need to be cool bringing back someone who is looking to leave.

Right now there is nobody, every Bull in the Portal is still out there. It’s quiet all around right now, most players in the portal have not found a landing spot. We’re in a “contact period” so I don’t think that there are restrictions, but I could be wrong

Who are we bringing in:

So far nobody but there are some offers out there from Buffalo to folks in the portal.

  • Rutgers transfer QB Cole Snyder, offered and visiting this week
  • Rutgers transfer OL Brendan Bordner
  • Vanderbilt transfer DB Gabe Jeudy
  • Cornell transfer OL Jack Burns picked
  • Dartmouth transfer TE Robbie Mangas
  • Rutgers transfer OL Brendan Bordner
  • FIU transfer WR Tyrese Chambers
  • FIU transfer OL Miles Frazie
  • Albany transfer DL Jared Verse
  • Syracuse transfer LB Geoffrey Cantin-Arku
  • West Virginia transfer LB Devell Washington, Visited Buffalo before Thanksgiving