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Mid American Conference Week 5 Power Rankings

A lot of byes could have kept things static but some of the action warranted moves..

Let me know what you think.

Rank Team PR Δ Comment
1 Toledo 1 0 Very solid win over BYU for the Rockets, easily the MAC's most prominent victory out of conference this season.
2 Ohio 3 1 Bye
3 NIU 2 -1 Missed on an opportunity to beat an SEC team, even a marginal one. NIU is not built to overcome deficits so they are going to have to start games strong this year.
4 WMU 4 0 CM-Who? WMU let the Chips put up some yards but owned the game
5 Miami 6 1 It looks like this might be the year where Miami hits conference play at full speed.
6 EMU 7 1 Bye
7 Buffalo 5 -2 Stop me if you've heard this before.... The Bulls are a young team and will make mistakes. That being said, Miami's game plan to contain UB worked perfectly.
8 BSU 8 0 Bye
9 CMU 9 0 Can't ding them too much for the loss, especially considering who is below them.
10 Kent 10 0 Bye
11 BGSU 12 1 Bye
12 Akron 11 -1 Lost the pillow fight of the decade, and were dominated during the game.

So where am I wrong? where am I right?