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BRuWPeG : Ohio

Whelp, that was not at all fun...

UB gets our hopes up, and then dashes them. This is leading to a pretty low scoring BRuWPeG season, with teh winners last week scoring a scant three points.

A trio of folks had a three point pick, they were

Zach, who changed his pick from Bulls and Beers...

Dave did an “anti-pick”, flipping what he thought would happen it was a bold move. It worked.

His comment: “Bulls are a young team. Saw that with the Liberty game. Need to learn how to win! A bumble this week, but shows signs of growing as a team.”

And finally ATcarusoUBuff added a pithy “Buckle Up:


I think Bumble best describes the offenses performance so Dave, if you care to pop in, we’d love to have you on Bulls and Beers this week.

Now, onto this weeks game. Ohio, like Miami, set them selves up with a very