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UB Road Trips 2019: Kent

Kent, it’s almost exactly the same as Akron in nearly every sense. But, there are a few subtle differences.

None of these are scientific, it’s just my opinion. I’d love to hear in the comments if you feel differently.

#3, Akron

As far as “commute time” Akron Kent is about as good as it gets for Buffalo fans, really for anyone in the MAC outside of Kent Akron, who could bike there.

Affordability 4/5:

This is certainly one of the budget games for travel if you’re a cash strapped student or recent graduate

Parking is $5, tolls will run about $5, and each head at the gate can get in for 15 or less if you buy ahead of time.

A very affordable game with a drive time of three hours.

Atmosphere 1.5/5:

Akron got a two because of their stadium (for all it’s faults). Were is based on Stadium alone Kent would be at at a 1, but their tailgating restrictions are looser and they have quite a few activities leading up to the game

Tourism 2/5:

“Regionally” you can hit Cleveland or the Football Hall of Fame but Kent itself really does not offer a lot of distractions.

They get a two for offering a few distractions and it’s so close to Akron that you have to bundle the two together. Things like parks and zoos are right there.

Opponent 1/5:

Kent’s been awful for a good long time. They have one winning season going back to 2002. Their 2011 season saw them get ranked as high as 18, win the division, and go to a bowl game but that was a blip.

They were 2/10 last year, and people expect them to finish near the bottom of the East this season.

Akron fired Bowden after sliding to 4-8 last season. lot of people have them last in the east this year.

Competitiveness 5/5

UB should be a big favorite in this game, it’s one of the few road games on the schedule that the Bulls, if they play their game, should be far better team on the field

Overall 2.7/5

The short distance makes this a quick game to attend, and if UB fans show up in numbers they might be louder than the Kent section.


So Thoughts? Where am I wrong and why should a UB fan make the trip?