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UB Road Trips 2019: Akron

What we are learning in the comments is that even if a destination seems to be a dud, it’s usually near something else to do. For Ypsi there were suggestions of Detroit and for Oxford that meant Cincinnati or Dayton.

Akron lives in the shadow of Cleveland, so, there’s that ;)

None of these are scientific, it’s just my opinion. I’d love to hear in the comments if you feel differently.

#4, Akron

As far as “commute time” Akron is about as good as it gets for Buffalo fans, really for anyone in the MAC outside of Kent who could bike there, even if their requirement truck got lost along the way.

Affordability 4/5:

This is certainly one of the budget games for travel if you’re a cash strapped student or recent graduate

Parking is $5, tolls will run about $5, and each head at the gate can get in for 15 or less if you buy ahead of time.

A very affordable game with a drive time of three hours.

Atmosphere 2/5:

They have a “tailgating lot” but charge you $10 to park there. Akron’s web site is not really hyping the experience, but there may be more going on than I know.

You can drink in the lot, and set up tents smaller than 10x10, so if you go down with a crew you can have a fun pregame.

So why a 2/5 for atmosphere?

Honestly it’s all the stadium. It really is about the best in the MAC. IF Akron is having a decent season and the place is not empty it’s a fun experience.

Tourism 2/5:

Aside from “Being near Cleveland” Akron Boasts the most to do of any school we have talked about so far. They have a wide variety of restaurants and things to do.

There are historic sites like Perkins Stone Mansion, and the John Brown house.

The zoo is worth a trip if you have kids, and free concerts at lock 3 are fun if you get in the evening before the game.

Opponent 1/5:

Akron’s a very similar team to Buffalo in terms of the last decade or so. After some early success which included a bowl win, Terry Bowden ended up being a very “meh” coach for the zips.

Akron fired Bowden after sliding to 4-8 last season. lot of people have them last in the east this year.

Competitiveness 4/5

A four star game, to me, is one that the Bulls should be slight favorites in.

Overall 2.6/5

Akron is a team you love to play, in basketball...


So Thoughts? Where am I wrong and why should a UB fan make the trip?