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The Buffalo Conference: Connecting the Dots to Form The True Buffalo Conference

Dollar General Bowl - Buffalo v Troy Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

With UCONN looking to bolt from the AAC, it got us over here at Bull Run thinking about what a new conference for the Bulls could look like. Would the Bulls fit well in the AAC? Maybe. What about the Big 10 where they would replace Rutgers? A solid fit. Really though, what people are forgetting is the Bulls have a lot of connections in the NCAA.

Our inside sources have heard some rumblings about a new conference forming, one which is related solely to former Buffalo coaches and administrators. Let’s take a look at the teams which will be making up a conference more Patriotic than the Patriot League, more American than the American Athletic Conference and less East than the American East. We introduce you to: The Red, White and Bull Conference (RWBC Conference).

Buffalo Bulls:

Connection: Literally UB

Bio: The Bulls, formerly in the Mid-American Conference, come to the RWBC after recent success on the hard wood and the turf. Back to back bowl eligible football seasons for the Bulls and a new field house have the mark of a football program on the rise, with two basketball programs to back it up. With 4/5 of the last MAC Titles in MBB and a recent Sweet 16 for the Women, the Bulls are looking to become a powerhouse in the RWBC.

What Do they bring: A whole lotta Bull.


Connection: Nate Oats and Bryan Hodgson

Bio: The Crimson Tide are known for their football team as Nick Saban has led this team to four straight National title game appearances. They should provide good competition as fans have been clamoring for the match up with the Bulls. As we often say at Bull Run, “Be careful what you wish for.” As for their men’s basketball program, expect them to be competitive but struggle with the transition from the SEC to a real basketball conference.

What Do they bring: A football team and a MBB offense which can run faster than Nate Oats private jet goes South.


Connection: Bobby Hurley

Bio: The Sun Devils Football team are led by second year Coach Herm Edwards. With such a strong leader look for them to be a decent regular season team but don’t expect anything too big for the Sun Devils who often struggle with early Saturdays. As for the Men’s basketball program, they will look to run a quick offense like Alabama, but really are a second rate version.

What Do they bring: The curtain of distraction which may finally give True Blue a rival after they have wiped out the AK Rowdies.


Connection: Allen Greene

Bio: The Tigers will always provide a strong football program, known for their incredible endings and amazing comebacks. The Iron Bowl will still continue in the RWBC, so fans in Alabama will still be able to celebrate. As for MBB, Bruce Pearl has this team on the rise, as they look to be outside contenders for the national championship. Just don’t show up to any BBQs if Coach Pearl is hosting

What Do they bring: The ruthless aggression to make all the hard decisions, no matter how short of notice.


Connection: Danny White

Bio: The Golden Knights are a fan favorite for the little guy, as they formerly worked to get the G5 recognition for football. Now, they’re a member of the P6 and can really compete with Alabama for the title. As for the Men’s basketball team, they will begin to struggle without tall human being Tacko Fall. Look for them to flounder around the bottom of the conference, but at least they have a lazy river to dull the pain.

What Do they bring: They allow the RWBC to be the only conference with dual national champions in the same season and a lazy river.


Connection: Turner Battle

Bio: The Blazers have made an incredible come back on the football field, after literally being shut down. They provided the Bulls with Collin Lisa, and then promptly took him back, setting up the annual Lisa bowl between the Bulls and Blazers. On the Men’s basketball side, they employee Buffalo’s own Turner Battle as their associate head coach. Look for them to surprise a few teams, but overall be a middle of the pack contender.

What Do they bring: The tenacity to come back from Thanos’ snap.

Central Connecticut:

Connection: Donyell Marshall

Bio: The Blue Devils are coming from the FCS, so don’t expect too much from them on the turf. They’re the perfect November team for Alabama, who doesn’t like to be too tired before the playoffs. On the basketball court, Donyell Marshall may try, but this is unforgettably a bottom two team along with Canisuis.

What Do they bring: The same feeling the Big 10 feels from Rutgers.


Connection: Reggie Witherspoon

Bio: The Golden Griffs shockingly don’t bring a football team to the conference, despite having a field big enough for two of them. Rumor has it they’re looking to add a team, but scheduling is tough with the men’s soccer team, women’s soccer team, baseball team, softball team, men’s lacrosse team, and women’s lacrosse team all having to share a field. As for Men’s basketball, look for them to be a one seed in the regular season before dropping a first round game to Central Connecticut, ending in another heart break for Reggie (Congrats Donyell).

What Do they bring: An extra home game for the Bulls since the Golden Griffs don’t have many fans.

Notre Dame:

Connection: Jeff Quinn

Bio: The Fighting Irish seem to be everyone’s football team, as they broadcast all their games on NBC. Expect the football team to be undefeated heading in to the annual big game against Alabama, before getting blown out. As for the basketball team, they’ll be a strong at-large competitor, as an eight seed looms for the Irish.

What Do they bring: The excitement of creating buzz around a conference championship game before being beaten by halftime against Alabama.


Connection: Warde Manual

Bio: The Wolverines will enter this new season with all the expectations in the world on the football field, before struggling to deliver on their pre season hype. As for the basketball program, look for the departure of John Belien to have a major impact on a team which is often times seen as a favorite. They should still compete, but most likely nothing past a mid teir RWBC program.

What Do they bring: Khakis.

As you can tell, the RWBC is full of personality, expectations, and Central Connecticut. The rivalries will be intense, the technicals will be often, and the rivers will be lazy, but boy is this a conference for the fans. A lot of school’s were considered for this new conference, but we here at Bull Run are excited for the future of our new conference. Let us know what rivalry you are most looking forward to, and as always, go Bulls!

Honorable Mentions:

-NKU - Stu Riddle

- San Jose State - Julius Hodge

-Mississippi Valley State - Lindsay Hunter

-Arkansas - Turner Gill