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If the MAC Mens Tournament Started Today

The middle of the conference has been churning over in a huge way over the past couple of weeks. But at the top and bottom there has been a lot of stability, here is what has happened.

  • Buffalo has had a rough-ish go of it. They are 4-3 in their last seven. Fortunately Toldeo also picked the past few weeks to fall off a little. As a result UB has maintained it’s one game lead over the rockets. Add to that UB’s tie breaker and they have a magic number of 1 with two games to play
  • Ball State started playing to form, they are not a threat to Buffalo’s position but they are just two games back of Toledo and they also hold a tie breaker over the Rockets.
  • Bowling Green has started to play much better hoops.
  • The Bottom four are playing pretty on par. There is no “worst team” among them so the home campus round seeding is pretty meaningless in terms of getting to Cleveland.

As things stand right now I would wager UB will play Bowling Green in the quarters given that the Falcons are a pretty sure thing at #8.

Then they would face winner of a WMU/EMU matchup. Either team can land the four spot and I think both are good enough to safely get out of the campus round. Those two teams present completely different challenges for Nate Oats to prep for.

On the other side I like the idea of Ball State and Toledo beating up on each other before the Semis. I believe BSU is 2-0 against Toledo and they are playing their best ball. I wish for both of them a long multiple overtime game.