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The Pregame Meal : Florida Atlantic

NCAA Football: San Diego State at Colorado State Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Two teams trying to get back to 500 before conference play are meeting. Each team could look back at this week as the game which either set the on the patch to a bowl game or was the “one that got away”.

With a game of this importance

The Meal: Buffalo Chicken Wins

Going to go with the Classic Buffalo Chicken wing this week. UB’s defense clipped the Owls wings last time by scoring three touchdowns. This week hopefully the offense can do their part in scoring some points.

The Drink:

Jack Daniels, for two reasons.

First if we lose this game we might need something strong to get through the rest of the season. FAU is a rebuilding team with a new coach that should struggle this year.

Secondly, because I will get the younger ones around here interested in Animal House.

City Battle:

I know people agre going to naturally want to give points to a city in Florida over Buffalo because, well..

But there is a lot of downside to living in the Rats Mouth.

First there is the fact that over 20% of the population is over the age of 65! That can’t be fun. Secondly there is that their summers are awful.

In the winter up north the days are short and we stay in the house but during the summer we have wonderful weather, great days that well past 9pm. In Boca you hide from the heat and mid day storms during the summer, then during the winter you have wonder weather that lasts until the sun sets at 6 or 7.

So I’m going to go with Buffalo

Three things to watch

1 - Half time adjustments: We could be up 28-0 at the half and I’ll still be worried.

2 - Defensive pressure. We got our first sack of the season last year against an FCS team. The front seven just don’t seem to be able to pressure the quarternback.

3 - Running Game: Was last week a fluke against an FCS team or do we really have a running game now.