Over the last 10 years, which MAC school has had the most players drafted into the NFL?

No, it is not Buffalo.

Getting drafted by any NFL team is no small feat and teams spend tons of energy figuring out which +/- 7 players they will draft each year. Teams like Green Bay live by the draft so even the 7th round "project" pick is not made lightly. Sure, we can all name first round picks that were total busts along with Hall of Fame players that were not drafted but, in general, the league, as a whole, gets it right far more often than they get it wrong.

It would seem logical that it would be one of the four schools that have had seven winning seasons in the last ten years. If schools are recruiting and developing NFL players they should be winning games, right? Nope. Bowling Green, NIU, Ohio and Toledo have all had 7 winning seasons (the most winning seasons) in the last 10 years. Of that group, Ohio did the best with 8 players drafted in the last 10 years, that puts them into a tie for second in most players drafted.

There have been four schools with only one winning season (everyone has had at least one winning season), Akron, EMU, Kent and Miami. Again, logic would say these schools should not be near the top of the list. Well, Kent comes in tied at fourth with 5 players drafted in this time frame.

Okay, let’s look at who has had players drafted the most consistently. Two schools have had at least one player drafted in seven of the last ten NFL drafts and eight total tying them for second. Ohio is on that list. Finally, logic starts to hold up to the results. Ohio is winning on a regular basis and they are having players drafted on a regular basis. What about the other school with at least one player drafted in seven of the last ten drafts? Clearly they too are consistently recruiting and developing NFL caliber talent but they only have two winning seasons, so much for logic. I am sure you have all guess who this school is…yes Buffalo.

So, for those that have argued that Buffalo has/had the talent to win here is some evidence. Is the problem coaching? Many will say yes but the same coaches are recruiting and developing these players. Is the problem Buffalo’s breadth and depth of MAC level talent and not just a few players that make it to the NFL? A case can be made for that as well. That said, if Buffalo is hitting the jackpot in total and more consistently than the rest of the MAC, one would think there are many solid players on the team. Are we all or nothing?

To answer the original question, WMU wins with a total of 9 players drafted (only one more than Buffalo) and five of them have been in the last two years. Not surprising given how good they have been lately. The one school I found the most interesting was BG, with all the winning seasons they have only had two players drafted. Seems you can win consistently in the MAC East without big names, just good coaching and teamwork. Other fun numbers I found, WMU and Toledo were the only two to have three players drafted in one year. Ball St (2x), UB, CMU, NIU, Ohio, Toledo (2x) and WMU (3x) had two players in one draft year. Every school has had at least two players drafted, BG and Akron with minimum of two.

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