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Never too early to make the perfect picks

Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Compared to the last decade of UB's defense was about the 5th best we've seen, not that great, not that bad. But it FELT great mannn, 1) because we expected it to be so bad, 2) cause c'mon the offense did them no favors, and 3) they were the best defense we've ever had at preventing scores in the 2nd half. UB allowed 222 points in the first half, but only 109 points in the second half.

I ran this through a correlation matrix to see if I could find a correlation between stopping teams in the second half and UB's margin of victory and it didn't correlate. Maybe later I'll see if there is a trend nationwide between being second half stoppers and wins but for now, throw the stats aside...

I FEEL that our second half stops meant something. That our coach has a decided schematic advantage and the more time he gets to make adjustments to the defense the better we will be.

So who knows what the offense will bring us, but let's just say the defense (can freaking stop the run and) is a beast this year. The next thing we'll focus on is the confidence of wins. Last year, UB started and sputtered going 2-1, then 0-3, then 3-0, then 0-3. We looked like we'd get on a run, but never did. What if Buffalo in 2016 went on a run, would people believe it would never stop, because that's the Leipold way?

Albany. An anagram for Great Danes is Gas and tree. We are gonna gas up the Albany tree and burn it down. 1-0

at Nevada. Nevada is without their OC, without the great Jim Hofher, and will be coming off a game against Notre Dame while we come off a bye. Baring a 98-yard bail-out but non-touchdown run, count this as the biggest little win of the year. 2-0

Army. We can't lose to Army again, so help me. Win 3-0.

at Boston College . BC gets Clemson 6 days after the UB game, I think they look ahead, and UB takes advantage. Win 4-0

Kent if they can find the stadium we'll beat them. Win 5-0.

Ball State I think we'll beat them 20-08 Win 6-0.

at NIU. We were closer than we should have been last year, so I think we definitely win at home this year, but I'm still confident in the power of the momentum of a 6-0 start. Win 7-0.

Akron at home is a win, despite what happened last year. #AkronNotAThing Win 8-0.

at Ohio we got more struggle in Athens than the Peloponnesians Loss 8-1 Ohio fans still complain about phantom safety.

Miami only good Redhawk is a deadhawk. Win 9-1

at WMU we get the boat row'd on us pretty good. Loss 9-2

at BGSU we finally break the curse, now that Dino is busy going 4-8 at Syracuse. Win 10-2

MAC Championship vs WMU He who rows last, rows best. Win 11-2

Go Daddy Bowl vs Appalachian State. Win 12-2