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CFL Update Dillon Guy Cut By B.C. Lions, Signed by Saskatchewan

Dillon Guy, who was drafted in the fourth round by the BC lions was among the last players cut when the team trimmed down to their final roster before the regular season begins this week. He was quickly snatched up by the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Before injuring his knee at Buffalo the offensive lineman was considered one of the top five prospected in the CFL draft. After the injury, he slid all the way to the fourth round before the Lions drafted him.

Guy was an instant hit or Buffalo working his way into 11 games as a true freshman, starting six. He helped clear the way for the Sand Diego Charger's Branden Oliver as he set a program-record  with 1,395 yards rushing and 13 rushing touchdowns.

In UB's 2013 bowl season Guy saw action in 12 games, making five starts.

Guy missed 2014 with a Knee injury which game some CFL teams the jitters but he came back strong in 2015. Playing in eight games. His eight games played in 2015 and a strong showing at the Canadian combine put him back on some radars but it was a deep year on the line and many CFL teams picked NFL "futures" players.

In Saskatchewan, he will be joining UB Alumnus Naaman Roosevelt.

Elsewhere in the CFL Natey Adjei who was playing for the Edmonton Eskimoes was cut but Drew Willy, Ernest Jackson, and Jake Silas all seem to have made the final rosters.