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White North Wednesday: Drew Willy, Ernest Jackson, Naaman Roosevelt, Jake Silas, Dillion Guy, and Natey Adjei

White North Wednesday is up and running

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

There are new uniforms coming to the nine CFL teams this year and two Bulls are a part of selling the new designs to the Canadian fanbase.

Being the starting quarterback in Winnipeg means Drew Willy is the "face" of the new Blue Bomber look.

And the Redblacks' new look will help make it East to tell Ernest Jackson's number "9" from Jake Harty's "8". It was quite difficult to tell last year.

Redblacks new jersey a sight for fans’ sore eyes | Ottawa Citizen
The confusion was understandable to anyone who had tried from any kind of distance to identify individual Redblacks players by the numbers on their home jerseys. Red numerals with white trim against a black background and the quirky cut of the digits made it easy to mix up Macdonell’s 83 with Ellingson’s 82, or Ernest Jackson’s 9 and Jake Harty’s 8.

After having two of their top WR's retire this past season, the Riders — who gave Willy his first start in the CFL — brought in Clarence Denmark from the Bombers. This effects Naaman Roosevelt, who is one of the rising receivers in the Roughriders offense.

Riders confirm Norwood, Denmark signings -
REGINA — The Riders have gone out and addressed a need with the signing of veteran receiver Clarence Denmark, the team confirmed Friday.

Denmark was released by the Bombers back in March, while the Riders have been hit with two recent retirements in the receiving corps following the departure of Maurice Price and Jeremy Kelley.

Dillon Guy's Knee injury pushed him from a top five pick all the way to the middle rounds. The main winner was the BC Lions who went from "Vaillancourt or Guy" to "Vaillancourt and Guy". If Dillon's knee is as solid as it looked at the CFL combine, then the Lions have the making of a very solid offensive line in the coming years.

Lions feel fortunate to land Vaillancourt at No. 5 -
Aside from adding a piece they believe can start for a long time up front, the Lions say they helped themselves elsewhere too.

Guy was a pickup in the fourth round who fell due to injury concerns but has the talent to one day start. Calgary receiver Brett Blaszko is another highly-touted player who fell to the Lions in the third.

What makes Guy and Vaillancourt so attractive — other than their ability — is the fact they are "nationals". As people who qualify as Canadian players, they don't count against the limit on "international" players. When I last looked a CFL team could have two or three quarterbacks and 41 other players. Of that 41 only 20 can be "international" or "non-Canadian" players.

So guys like Jake Silas, who is an American, has to bring something extra to make the roster. He made the practice squad in Ottawa last year and looks to crack onto the game day roster this year. Silas and fellow yankee Tommie Draheim are trying to crack the roster.

While you want to find Canadian Talent wherever you can, the REDBLACKS have not ruled out an offensive line with two Americans.

Ex-NFLer eyes starting job on Redblacks O line | Ottawa Citizen
The other guy not to forget is Jake Silas. We’ve open to both scenarios — four Canadians or three Canadians (on the offensive line). There are so many things we can’t control in (training) camp. If I say today that we’re going to have two Americans (on the offensive line), maybe we lose a Canadian starter (at another position) and we have to go with another Canadian on the O line."

The last update is about Natey Adjei.  It's been a quiet offseason for the Edmonton Esk player. The folks over at Rider Prophet see him as a part of a solid receiving unit on the returning CFL champions.

Rider Prophet
D-line is in good shape with Eddie Steele who has really developed into a solid player with Oramasionwu, Alexandre and Ngoyi for depth. They are solid at receiver with Bailey, Coehoorn, Watson and newly acquired Natey Adjei and Chris Getzlaf. (So help me god if Mike Reilly cures Getzlaf’s butter fingers like he did for Adarius Bowman, well I will just snap). Whyte and Shaw have them solid in the kick game. They also get decent play on special teams from the likes of Mike Miller and Blair Smith.