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Five New Years Resolutions for UB Football

NCAA Football: Buffalo at Northern Illinois Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

I will not fall into the trap of abandoning the run when down by 14 or fewer points?

Too many times this season, when down by only two or fewer scores, the Bulls not only abandoned the run but seemed to give up on the short passing game as well.

How many times was UB in a place where they could have closed the game to a score but instead of engineering a drive they just lobbed the ball long and hoped for the best.

I will not make my quarterback the featured run carrier

The Bulls had two solid running backs in Jordan Johnson and Johnathan Hawkins. But nearly a third of their carries were by quarterbacks.

Tyree Jackson is an effective runner and I love the dual threat but it should not be a staple of the offense.

Also, by the time the season was over the workload sidelined him.

I call blitzes more often

When the Bulls blitzed, they had a bit of success. When they sat back, their opponents picked them apart.

Suffice it to say that, in my opinion, they should have blitzed more often than they did.

I will run tackle drills until the entire team can do it

The Bulls had a lot of talent on the defense but too many players were at best average tackelers. I’m not going to call out names because the season is over but there was a dearth of defenders wrapping a guy up after they hit him.

I'll at least pretend like I care when I start the game

Week after week the Bulls coaching staff walked onto the field completely unprepared. How else do you explain the 88-10 scoring deficit Buffalo experienced in the first quarter.

In lieu of the coaching staff getting this done I would settle for some of the student athletes working hard to amp up the team so that they don’t sleepwalk through the first 15-25 minutes of a game.