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Football Season Bright Spots - Tyree Jackson

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

This past season is not what UB fans wanted it to be. In fact, 2016 was a dumpster fire. But among all the bad we saw this season there was some good, some fun, and some hope that this was rock bottom. Bull Run will be bringing you some of players we enjoyed watching this year.

First up is Tyree Jackson who completed his first year as UB's starting quarterback.

He was initially set to back up senior transfer Grant Rohach but took over half way though UB's season opener and started the next nine games, until an injury ended his season.

Year Player Cmp Att Pct Yds Y/A TD Int Rating
2016 Tyree Jackson 165 311 53.05% 1772 5.70 9 9 96.1
2012* Joe Licata 86 163 52.76% 1045 6.41 7 3 104.3
2012* Alex Zordich 106 208 50.96% 1254 6.03 9 7 96.3
2011 Chazz Anderson 230 406 56.65% 2454 6.04 11 9 103.9
2010 Jerry Davis 142 298 47.65% 1753 5.88 16 16 88.1
2009 Zach Maynard 218 379 57.52% 2694 7.11 18 15 110.9
2005 Drew Willy 149 246 60.57% 1481 6.02 6 12 102.2

Looking at past first year starters, statistically Jackson's passing game is below average. But we are looking at different offenses with Different challenges. After all this offense took a Junior Joe Licata, who's touchdown to interception ratio was 2.63, and it turned him into a senior with a ratio of 1.07.

So we have to talk about the eyeball test.

What I saw was mostly good and what I saw which was not good was mostly things you expect out of a freshman.

Jackson is a solid runner but he's used to using his large frame to bowl over defensive backs. In high school that was doable but in division one it's going to shorten some of his runs and potentially even get him hurt. The coaching staff would do well to help him develop his vision down the field.

Jackson's arm Strength really showed at times, but his accuracy needs work. That's a job for the coaching staff but it's also something that the coaches made worse with their play calling this year.

Overall I feel like we have a solid quarterback for the next three years. No job on a football team is "safe" but aside from Zach Maynard I don't feel like the Bulls have had a QB with a bigger upside than Jackson. If he develops well a lot of records could fall.

Best Moment?

In a losing effort against Ball State Tyree threw for 306 yard and three touchdowns. He added 64 more on the ground.