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2015 NFL Draft Rounds Two and Three and Buffalo Football Alumni

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest threat to UB alumni in the NFL after Round One was Melvin Gordon in San Diego, but what did Rounds Two and Three have in store?

Oakland Raiders (Khalil Mack)

2 - Mario Edwards, DE, Florida State
3 - Clive Walford, TE, Miami

First things first, Walford isn't much of a concern for Mack fans, other than that like Amari Cooper he may help keep the Raiders defense off the field.

Edwards, positionally, will overlap with Khalil's place a touch, but the commenters at Silver and Black Pride believe that the Oakland defense is setting up to allow Mack the space and one-on-one matchups he can exploit to make big plays. Certainly Edwards isn't going to threaten Mack's role anytime soon, but a symbiotic relationship could be even better for the linebacker.

Green Bay Packers (James Starks)

2 - Quinten Rollins, CB, Miami (OH)
3 - Ty Montgomery, WR, Stanford

It's pretty unlikely the Packers move Starks from the backup running back role this season, and as I said yesterday, it's a contract year for the Niagara Falls native. If he can put up 5.5 yards per carry like he did last year, I'm sure the Pack will look to re-up him. Not that many teams are investing high picks in running backs anymore, but it looks like the backup slot is safely Starks' beyond 2015 as well if he wants it.

Also, Rollins is from the MAC. The last time Green Bay drafted from the MAC, it was Starks, and they won the Super Bowl. Just sayin'

San Diego Chargers (Branden Oliver)

2 - Denzel Perryman, ILB, Miami (FL)
3 - Craig Mager, CB, Texas State

The damage has already been done in Oliver's line on the depth chart, and it's such a big hit that the Chargers are unlikely to look for more.

Baltimore Ravens (Steven Means)

2 - Maxx Williams, TE, Minnesota
3 - Carl Davis, DT, Iowa

Baltimore Beatdown notes that the Ravens' defensive line has taken a number of hits this offseason, so perhaps Means is in a better situation than I thought. Still, with only six career tackles to his name, he's on the shakiest ground of anyone in this post and today's picks could also supplant him come August.