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One month left in 2014-15; Who's left?

UB Athletics

Earlier today, I tried to catch up with the last week or so in UB Athletics. Maybe it feels quick because Men's Basketball JUST WON'T LEAVE US ALONE, but the end of the year is pretty much here, and there's not much left.


Just three regular season games remain this weekend for the Bulls, who won't advance to the MAC Tournament. They're in Bowling Green for a series against the Falcons Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


The CAA Championships are Saturday in Mercer Lake, New Jersey and will be take only about 90 minutes, as five teams will compete in four races. Northeastern is the reigning champion, and UB will also go against Drexel, Delaware, and Eastern Michigan.

Track and Field

The big one. As I said earlier today, the MAC Championships are this weekend, running from tomorrow to Saturday, and I'll have a preview for that meet up tomorrow morning. UB's had a very strong season compared by their own standards, and this weekend will be a chance to see how they're doing relative to the MAC on a team scale.

After this weekend, UB will send competitors to the NCAA Preliminary Meet in Florida at the end of May, and then to the National Championships in Oregon the second week of June.

Go Bulls