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Unofficial ACHA Rankings and 2015 Nationals Picture

Update: It's official!

Nats Rank Team PTS
auto 1 Arizona State 1
in 2 C. Oklahoma 2
in 3 Minot State 3.5
in 4 RMU (IL) 5
auto 5 Stony Brook 5.5
in 5 Ohio 5.5
in 7 Oklahoma 7.5
auto 7 Adrian 7.5
in 7 Lindenwood 7.5
in 10 Iowa State 10.5
in 11 Liberty 11.5
in 12 Rhode Island 12
in 13 Illinois 12.5
in 14 Davenport 13.5
auto 15 Niagara 16
in 15 Colorado 16
in 17 Buffalo 17.5
out 18 Delaware 19
out 19 Syracuse 20
out 19 CSU 20
21 UM-Dearborn 21.5
22 Lebanon 23
23 Navy 23.5
23 Oakland 23.5
25 Arizona 24
auto 26 RMU (PA) 26.5
26 Mercyhurst 26.5
28 Kent State 29
28 Rochester 29
auto 30 Villanova 30
30 WMU 30
32 West Virginia 30.5
32 Drexel 30.5
34 Pittsburgh 34.5
host 34 John Carroll 34.5

It looks like the Buffalo Bulls 15-1 win over Saint Bonaventure and Colorado State's loss to Colorado were enough to put UB over the top in the hunt for an ACHA Nationals at large bid.

According to the very unofficial calculations of twitter personality fishbert, who is a self proclaimed "Slave to the ACHA", UB should be ranked 17th this week which makes cutoff for a trip to nationals.

The Bulls will make the trip along with Niagara, who sealed up the NECHL auto bid by rolling through the regular season undefeated in league play.

Syracuse ranks 19th and will just miss the cutoff because teams like Robert Morris of Pennsylvania and Villanova won their leagues despite raking well out of the top 20. Their auto bid status ate into the at large pool.

The 2015 ACHA Men's Division 1 National Championships will be hosted March 5-10 by John Carroll University, which means #35 ranked JMU also gets a bid.

Games will also be played at the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission at the OBM Arena in Strongsville, OH. This will be the fourth year of the 20-team format.

At Nationals, teams ranked 1-12 (everyone ranked above Illinois) will receive first-round bye's, with teams ranked 13-20 matching up 20 vs 13 (etc.), for the rights to play in the second-round in pre-determined bracket slots.

That means UB may end up facing Colorado as a 4/5 matchup among the eight teams trying to break out of the first round.

The bad news for UB and their opponent (which would be either Niagara or Colorado) is that the winner takes on #1 Arizona State, a school so good at club Hockey that the school has decided to take them to the NCAA.

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