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Bull Run's Sport-Specific Buffalo Bulls Pages

Say you've got a problem: You're a fan of UB, and of Bull Run, but you don't care about all the sports we cover. Since the beginning of this year, when we resolved to expand our coverage to make sure to touch on every single UB team, every single competition, it's gotten a lot busier and post fall off the front page easier.

I know that it also works in the other direction: we've gotten more readers who are only connected to UB because of one sport - generally because they're a relative of a current student-athlete. If you have no interest in the teams that earn the most coverage we're making it easier for you.

If you've ever noticed the labels at the top of an article - usually it's just one or two, but sometimes many - and wondered what they're for, it's actually a little-known feature of Bull Run. For about eight months we've had sport-specific pages and just haven't publicized them enough.

Just click on the appropriate photo below to head to the sport you want:

Buffalo Olympic Sports

All photos are courtesy UB Athletics