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Allen Green introduced as the University at Buffalo's AD

And that's a very, very, very good thing!

This morning, in front of staff, athletes, and the media Buffalo brought in Allen Greene as the school's 15th Athletic Director. He will be taking over for Danny White, the previous director who is moving on to Central Florida.

Green takes over a program which has seen improvements in performance, revenue, and academic excellence in recent years. He has worked with Danny White for years prior to their experience at Buffalo and the two share a vision for the university.

"We have lofty aspirations", Greene told the media, continuing to say, "and we have lofty expectations". The words seem a bit more crafted than something we might hear from Danny White but the idea is the same. Buffalo is the largest, most comprehensive university in the State of New York and it's time to start playing like it.

One of the first questions out of the gate was about our branding.

Pushing New York has been a sore point with segments of the fan base and with some of the editorial boards in the region. While the school is trying to redevelop its overall brand Athletics has moved forward with the New York Bulls Initiative.

Between the upcoming rebranding directive and the pressure from corners of the media all Green would say regrading the team names is that it will require planning. He told the media present "The nomenclature still has to be worked on, so I don't have an answer"

Green was recommended by Danny White to UB President Satish Tripathi. He was brought to Buffalo from Ole Miss by Danny White but his connections to White go back much further. As a baseball student-athlete, Greene was a three-year starter in the Notre Dame outfield before signing with the New York Yankees after his junior season.

Tripathi offerred nothing his own support becuase he believed that the department was moving in the right tirection

"We need a leader who will not just keep the momentum going but build further on it" -- Satish Tripathi

White will reportedly be at UB until December 11th to facilitate the transition to Greene.