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My Day In Animated Gifs

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

It's been nearly nine months since UB's last game so even though we were lining up across from a 35-scholarship NEC squad I still felt like this!



Then UB took the kickoff, marched down the field and scored on a 41 yard pass to tight end Matt Weiser. This showed em two things that I wanted to see; A fast start by Buffalo and a tight end as an offensive weapon. Then to top it off Buffalo forced a three and out, and it was starting to feel like this.



A couple of minutes later Anthone Taylor scored on an 11 yard TD run. At this point I was beginning to feel a bit bad for the Dukes. Then Taylor scored another touchdown 10 minutes later to make the score 21-0. More and more UB seemed to be doing this to our friends from Pittsburgh.



UB forces another punt but Marcus McGill muffs it and the Dukes pick up the ball in good field position. At this point I'm expecting our defense to come out on the field to take care of business.



But they don't. They let the Dukes march 30 yards for a touchdown. Now the score is 21-7 but I am still feeling pretty good. I mean one muffed punt is the only things to go wrong for UB to this point.



Besides, the offense came back out and started to march the ball right down the field. With time running out they go for a 44 yard field goal. A missed field goal later and it's halftime, the three points would have been nice but...



Then the Dukes take the second half kickoff, march down the field for 7, hold Buffalo to a three and out and then go for seven more. King had the two big receptions for 41 and 88 yards. Were now tied with Stony Brook... I mean Duquense.

All the sudden I'm kind of like.



But UB marches down the field and are marching towards a momentum changing touchdown... But get held to three. As a fan it's starting to feel like this..



But hey... It's 24-21 and a lead is a lead. At this point we can hope that we broke the momentum of Stony Brook... I mean Duquesne. And now I'm sure they are going to watch that King guy... Oh wait he just got his third touchdown pass of the game. UB now trails 28-24 to a team with less than half the scholarships being given out by the Bulls.

Needless to say I needed a moment.



After a few exchanges UB ends up with the ball at their own three yard line, trailing in the 4th quarter...



As is so often the case I was wrong. Anthone Taylor anchored a drive that took UB the length of the field, then Joe Licata threw his best pass of the day. UB now led 31-28.

At this point I really want to be excited but it still feels like this game belongs to the Seawolves... I mean the Dukes. So I watched closely for signs that UB might escape here.



The Bulls forced a three and out, then marched for a touchdown, a drive that took the clock down to about 90 seconds and gave UB a 10 point lead. Bullet Dodged..



So how did your day go?