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Buffalo Bulls Football Record Watch

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Last year UB had four seniors who were completing record-setting careers, which made for fun coverage as the season went on. This season it's time to watch a new clutch of players trying to make their mark. Throughout the season we will be checking in with the Bulls to see where this years players stack up against the Buffalo record book.

Joe Licata Career Rank Next Career
Completions 319 8 Randall Secky 324
Attempts 565 8 Chad Salisbury 671
Yards 3869 7 Frank Reilly 4225
TD 31 5 Joe Freedy 32
A. Taylor Career Rank Next Career
Carries 86 51 Tom Butler 92
Yds 419 40 John Cimba 433
Y/C* 4.9 6 Albert Grundy 5
Rush TD 3 35 4 With 4
Devon Hughes Career Rank Next Career
Receptions 48 25 Ed Young 49
Yds 442 27 Evan Wallace 453
Rec TD 4 20 C. Drankoski 5
Boise Ross Career Rank Next Career
Receptions 13 56 Matt Weiser 14
Yds 156 44 Ike Nduka 163
Lee Skinner Career Rank Next Career
Tackles 248 17 Craig Rohlfs 254
Solo 110 21 Carlos Spencer 120
Assist 138 15 Khalil Mack 141
TFL 17 19 Justin Winters 18.5
Sacks 5.5 16 Justin Winters 7.5
Cortney Lester Career Rank Next Career
Interceptions 9 12 2 Tied
Passes Def 25 9 Dave Short 28
Adam Redden Career Rank Next Career
Forced Fums 2 23 8 Are Tied 3
Fumble Rec 3 12 5 Are Tied 5

The records here are not complete. Because UB Athletics shut down in 1970 the department does not have a lot of those stats.

Over the past few months I have assembled many stats and record from websites, game programs, and news clippings going back to 1999 but if you have anything older and want to contribute to the "Bull Run Record Collection Project" please email me.

Now onto the Records..

Joe Licata is the only big name in the record books coming into the season. He should pass Randall Secky in completions this week and hopefully Joe Freedy in touchdowns.

If he has another season like he did last year Licata should only be looking up at Drew Willy.

UB's starting running back for the game is Anthone Taylor. Right now the junior is pretty far down in the record books. I would guess he  moves a few spots this week in multiple categories.

The * next to Y/C denotes 50 touches.

The receivers are in the same place, not enough work to be too high up in the record books but each has ample opportunity to move up this week if they Joe Licata have Chemistry.

On Defense it's the Lee Skinner Show. Chances are this week he passes Rohlfs for tackles and Khalil Mack for Assist.

Courtney Lester will break into UB's top ten with his next interception and Adam Redden is closing in on the top 10 in both fumble categories: forced and recovered.