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An expert breaks down the NY vs NNY all time Bulls game

I love Conrad's article and player selection on all time team. I just wanted to add my two cents.

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Conrad has brught to the table the best article of the dog days of summer.  He pitted the best players to wear a Bulls uniform against players from New York vs. The Rest of the World.  Here is the article My favorite article of the year.

I know what you are thinking.  Hey Conrad, great piece and all but how would David break down this game and what would be the line he would submit to Vegas if this game was real.  Well Bullievers, your wish has come true:

QB –  Willy has a sizeable leg up but Licata has two years left to take the best QB from the Bulls.  If the game is played today, Willy is the featured QB.   Does Cliff Scott hold the clipboard for NY?

Check Mark to NNY

Running Back – Excellent matchup and two very distinct styles.   NNY has bruising rushers in Bo and Thermilus.  NY has the second best player in Bulls history Big Game James who singlehandedly can win this game for NY.  Don’t sleep on Ike Nduka who in any other stretch if Brandon and James were not in Amherst would be a star running back.  Not a FB but I want him on my team.

Check Mark to NY

Offensive Line – Overall the depth is stronger on the NY side and NY’s second active offensive player Andre Davis.  The edge of the offensive line is where I go after NNY but Richard at center will open holes for Bo and BT.

Check Mark in favor of NY.

Wide Receivers - If Licata is going to have a big day it is because of the depth at WR for NY.  Someone is going to be open on every single play.  How can you ask a secondary to cover Roosevelt, Neutz, and Jackson.  Jackson can spread the field deep taking Davonte with him or getting behind D and torching for long gains or big TD’s.  Naaman can cross the field and disrupt the D or make big plays picking up big first downs and his elusiveness after the catch can hurt NNY.  Jam Naaman at the line and watch Naaman take it to the house.  Do you put your best corner on Naaman?  I would assume that Josh Thomas will be the matchup here.   Hawkins would be over Ernest and that laves Mike or Davonte to help with Neutz.  I see to many match up issues for NNY.   Davonte and Mike cannot just focus on WR’s because Starks will burn them out of the back field.  This NY WR core is just too good.  Haddad, Lee,  and Hamlin are great possession receviers and will make catches in front of the safeties.  Cook is on Haddad and will help contain him.  Hamlin will have to make big plays.

Check Mark in favor of NY.

The offensive side of the ball is clearly in favor of NY.  This game will be hinged on Licata’s ability to make plays.  I have no reason to doubt he can’t but will miss some throws that Willy can make.  Licata will also have more time in the pocket that Drew.  Licata has a great out to swing to Starks out of the backfield and a TE in Rack who can get open, move the chains, and can be an asset in the red zone.

Defensive Line – I like how NY is lining up in a 3 – 4.  With Means and Scott pressure is coming in for Drew.  And that is needed as the Line backing core will need a second or two advantages.

Check Mark to NY.

Line Backer – Should I just say check mark to NNY and move on?  Unfortunately for Mack, will the lack of pass rush from the line and the better o line from NY, this will allow the coaches to add layers to stopping Mack.   Mack will make plays but it will be a long day.  He will not be lost like he was by Ohio State Justin Winters is a tackling fool who will make plays but that will be 4 – 8 yards off the line of scrimmage.  Guzman will help stabilize the LB’s but I see matchup issues for Akobuind, Redden, and Akinngba.  Let’s hope that Willy gets happy feet with the pass rush.

Check Mark clearly for NNY.

Cornerbacks – The depth of the NNY team is in the secondary.  A clear leg up for NNY in Josh Thomas and Hawkins.  But these gentlemen clearly have the great assignment.  Bring in Lott to NNY to help with Neutz.

Clear favorite for NNY

Safety – Two of the greatest competitors in UB history join forces again for NNY.  Mike and Davonte reform the wonder twin team.  This is going to be a long day as too many weapons for NY.  I do see a mistake or mismatch against Gibson and Brim and a running back or WR will get behind them.

Clear favorite for NNY

Interesting matchup on D as the NNY owns behind the line.   NY will have its way in the trenches and around the corner that will limit what Willy will be able to do.  Not enough time by the WR’s and RB’s to create separation.  Secondly the offensive weapons for NY totally outweigh the offensive weapons for NNY.  The pressure on NY’s linebackers and secondary will not be anywhere as intense as for NNY. The only way NNY wins this game is Licata gets sloppy.  Historically that has not been the case.

My opening line will be 8 points in favor of NY and will hype the Mack attack.  Many will throw down their hard earned cash on NNY and the line will be adjusted down to 5 1/5 closer to kick off.

Final Score

NY – 31

NY – 14 (includes a defensive TD)

Sorry all you out of staters, the crown stays in NY.

In an ironic twist of fate Chubby Hubby did not know who to pick in BRuWPEG and his brain explodes.  UB Drop_Out quickly grabs the beer expert title at the tailgate before the body is even cold!  Calvin wins this weeks BRuWPEG but like his does every year starts out strong and then drops like a stone and finishes the season in 6th place.