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Fantasy Football: The New York Bulls vs. The Non-New York Bulls

One of the most amazing things about the UB Bulls is how many diamond in the rough players they have pulled from the football poor State of New York. However two of our biggest stars of last year were from Florida, Branden Oliver and Khalil Mack. It made me think who would win in a fantasy battle, the New York Bulls, or the Non-New York Bulls.

For this battle, I pitted In-State Bulls from 1999-present against Bulls who came to us from lesser other states.

The New York Bulls Offense:


James Starks via

New York Bulls Offense
QB Joe Licata Williamsville
RB James Starks Niagara Falls
RB Aaron Leeper Jamestown
FB Ike Nduka White Plains
WR Naaman Roosevelt Buffalo
WR Alex Neutz Grand Island
WR Ernest Jackson Rochester
WR Andre Forde Penfield
TE Jesse Rack Maspeth
OT Andre Davis Cheektowaga
OT Ray Norell New Berlin
OG Peter Bittner Williamsville
OG Gokhan Ozkan Staten Island
C Jasen Carlsen Jamestown

Joe Licata will lead the New York Bulls into battle. Despite only 17 games as a starter, Licata 11-6 in those games and has already become one of the most reliable QBs in UB history.


Joe Licata via

In the air, Licata is reunited with his main target Alex Neutz, but also gets shifty Naaman Roosevelt, a big possession receiver in Ernest Jackson, a deep threat in Andre Forde and a solid target at tight end, Jesse Rack.On the ground, the most gifted running back in UB history, James Starks, forms a dynamic duo with former MAC Freshman of the year Aaron Leeper, with the athletic Ike Nduka playing fullback.

Protecting Licata, will be familiar linemen Andre Davis, Gokhan Ozkan and Jasen Carlsen, with veteran help from Ray Norell, and Peter Bittner.

The Non-New York Bulls Defense:


Khalil Mack via Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Non-New York Bulls
DE Willey Moseley Virginia
DE Duane Williams Michigan
DT Mike Thompson Florida
DT Colby Way Pennsylvania
LB Khalil Mack Florida
LB Justin Winters Maryland
LB Bryan Cummings Ohio
LB Larry Hutchinson Washington
CB Kendric Hawkins Maryland
CB Josh Thomas Texas
S Mike Newton Maryland
S Davonte Shannon Pennsylvania

Licata will need all that firepower if he wants to score on the Non-New York Bulls. Mike Newton, Davonte Shannon, Josh Thomas and Kendric Hawkins start for the NNY Bulls reuniting the 2008 MAC Champion secondary. Willie Moseley and Duane Williams chase the QB while Mike Thompson and Colby Way anchor the defensive line against the run.


Mike Newton via

The star of the NNY Bulls is the best UB player of all time, Khalil Mack. He'll be paired with three top linebackers, one from the Hofher era, Bryan Cummings, and two from the Gill era, Justin Winters and Larry Hutchinson.

The Non-New York Bulls Offense:


Drew Willy via

Non-New York Bulls
QB Drew Willy New Jersey
RB Branden Oliver Florida
RB Brandon Thermilus Texas
FB Chris Scharon New Hampshire
WR Drew Haddad Ohio
WR Brett Hamlin Florida
WR Fred Lee South Carolina
WR Matt Knueven Ohio
TE Chad Upshaw Connecticut
OT Jordan Jerrold Pennsylvania
OT Dillon Guy Canada
OG Jeff Niedermier Ohio
OG Trevor Sales Indiana
C Jamey Richard Connecticut

The Non New York Bulls Offense is led by Drew Willy, the owner of most of UB's passing records. He will be reunited with Brett Hamlin, Chris Scharon, Chad Upshaw Jeff Niedermier and his center Jamey Richard. Added to the squad is UB's rushing leader, Branden Oliver, all-purpose yard machine Drew Haddad, Fred Lee and Matt Knueven. The NNY Bulls will have AJ Principe handling kicking duties and Ben Woods punting.


Branden Oliver via

The New York Bulls Defense:


Ramon Guzman via

New York Bulls Defense
DE Trevor Scott Potsdam
DE Steven Means Buffalo
DE Aaron Sanders Clarence
DT Rob Schroeder East Rochester
LB Adam Redden Amherst
LB Ramon Guzman Bronx
LB Adekunle Akingba Brooklyn
LB Raphael Akobundu Bronx
CB Domonic Cook Buffalo
CB Najja Johnson Buffalo
S JJ Gibson Amherst
S Derek Brim Buffalo

The New York Bulls Defense is built on the Giants "NASCAR" principle. They have three QB seeking DEs in Means, Sanders and Trevor Scott which hope to make Drew Willy's day a bad one. The secondary is solid with Domonic Cook, Najja Johnson (born in Buffalo, claiming him), JJ Gibson and Derek Brim. Last year's breakout star on defense Adam Redden joins a trio of downstate linebackers, the legendary Ramon Guzman, Akingba and Akobundu. The New York Bulls will rely on Dallas Pelz for Kicking and Punting duties.


Trevor Scott via

Who do you think would win in a game between the New York Bulls and the Non-New York Bulls?