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MunchMadness - Gabriel's Gate vs. Grover's

Two great restaurants who do many things right round out the second round of the Loganberry bracket.

Buffalo and WNY has some amazing places to eat.  At Bull Run you will decide the best place!  Participants in the second round included this match-up of Grover's vs. Gabriel's Gate, and upcoming Dick & Jenny's vs. Chef's and Ted's vs. Buffalo Chop House.   Second round victors so far are Bocce Club, Charlie the Butcher, Chiavetta's, Gadawski's, and congratulations to Lloyd's.


Gabriel's Gate vs. Grover's:  How did they make it to the second round

Gabriel's Gate vs. Old Man River I was thinking that Old Man River may take this one when I saw this match-up. The Gate was having none of that taking 76% the votes.

Grover's vs. Mooney's I really thought that the exposure two other restaurants received (sorry if I am harping on this) from Triple D (Lake Effect & Mulberry's) would vault to a victory and that did not happen.  Grover's beat the curse and took 67% of the votes. It is not all bad for Mooney's. I did see my favorite Bulls fan Chubby Hubby went to Mooney's during the last round and loved the food so much he said he wanted to bring his wife back later that night.

Gabriel's Gate Website (needs work!) Facebook Page

Can some one respond back who knows if the torches in each hand still have active flames.  I remember the first time I went (watch some young punk respond they have not lit up in a long, long time!) and saw the statue and the flames and thinking this is my new place.  Great first impression.  Then they had me when they plopped down the wings.  It is so hard to try to explain to people outside of WNY how big and juicy the wings are and how we can cook them to perfection.  DO NOT SERVE WINGS WITH RANCH DRESSING!

Last review from the Gate.  I love this man.  Started with wings as an appetizer and ended with an omelette!  Lynn you are married to a real man!


Grover's  Google+ Page Facebook Page

I am so sorry that I have never had the pleasure to eat at Grover's.  Anyone who has, please leave a comment below and I can edit and add.  Why have I never been here.  What is my major malfunction?

Here is a review from a resident from Ontario, so you know it must be true.  We all know how honest and nice Canadians are!