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MunchMadness - Gadawski's vs Hutch's

A Niagara Falls staple who has not changed as the neighborhood has vs. A Buffalo quaint and cozy upscale restaurant!

Buffalo and WNY has some amazing places to eat.  At Bull Run you will decide the best place!  We are getting deep in the second round. Participants in the second round included this match-up of Gadawski's vs. Hutch's, and upcoming the Left Bank vs. Lloyd's, Grover's vs. Gabriel's Gate, Dick & Jenny's vs. Chef's, and Ted's vs. Buffalo Chop House.   Second round victors so far are Bocce Club, Charlie the Butcher, and Chiavetta's.


Gadawski's vs. Hutch's How they got into second round:

Gadawski's  A great turnout by the fans of Gadawski's.   I really thought that this was going to be a big win the other way.  Buffalo vs. Niagara Falls, the Diners and Drive Inns, & Dives appearance but 92% of all votes went for my Polish favorite    Gadawski's vs. Mulberry's

Hutch's  took on Lombardo's in the first round and the voting was not as electric as the Gadawski's win.  As a matter of fact, Mulberry's received more votes than Hutch's and Lombardo's combined.  Sometimes it is who you are up against, right Brennan's?     Hutch's vs Lombardo's

Gadawski's Facebook Page

The most recent reveiw on Gadawski's

Visiting family back home in Niagara Falls, I made it a point to try Gadawski's for a fish fry.  My impression was positive from the moment I turned the corner and saw cars parked up and down the street in this rather desolate neighborhood. I was glad to make reservations the day before. The bar and dining area was all I expected. Vintage 70s decor, predominately with Fighting Irish paraphernalia.   After a short wait, we were lead to our table. The waitress was prompt with our drink order, impressive on its own considering how busy the place was. Skipping ahead to the food, I ordered the fried haddock with 'parsley potatoes'.   Both were excellent.  My son thoroughly enjoyed his fish and fries and really enjoyed their cole slaw, which I understand they make by shredding the cabbage in house.  I sampled my cousin's broiled fish. After doing so, I realized I should have requested a split order. The fish was broiled to perfection. My father ordered the Manhattan  Clam Chowder. He found it very tasty and with tender clams. When leaving, the owner photo bombed us, which was hysterical. We took advantage of it being a Friday evening to visit the Holy Trinity Historical Church located near by. It is a beautiful structure inside and out. It is definitely worth stepping into after dinner.


OK that last reviewer.  You went to Gadawski's and did not order pierogies?  Not even for an appetizer?

We have many more people voting as the madness moves on (thank you) so here is a blurb from first article:

Keep in mind these two items next time you go to Gadawski's.  The hours are not 'regular' and they only takes cash! You know a place is good staying open with hours of Tue - Thu:11:00 am - 2:00 pm and Fri: 11:00 am - 9:30 pm.

Hutch's Website

Latest review:

What a wonderful dining experience! It came highly recommended by several "locals" in the area. My husband and I are from the food service industry and we wanted fine dining. Hutch's exceeded our expectations! The escargot and oysters to start were amazing! We both ordered the beet salad which was very tasty. Our main course was the halibut, as well as the yellow fin tuna. Everything was fresh and seasoned PERFECTLY! Our server, Lisa, was extremely nice, very knowledgeable and gave great recommendations! If we are in the Buffalo area again it will be a "must visit" for sure.

The time I was at Hutch's I did not try a cocktail as I drove but next time anyone want to drive me home?

Good Eating!