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Buffalo Football Countdown 2005

Marqus Baker - #5 Defensive Back


  • Position - Defensive Back
  • Class - Junior
  • Hometown - Tampa, FL
  • High School - Robinson
  • Size - Ht: 5-10 | Wt: 181

A junior in 2014, Baker leads the pack of rising upperclassmen looking to fill the holes in the UB secondary after the 2013 graduating class and will hopefully slot in opposite Cortney Lester.

Baker led his high school team to two straight state semifinal games in 2009 and 2010.

About 2005


Rob Schroeder: defensive standout in UB's lone 2005 win

By the deepest, warmest part of summer, when we're closest to football, we'll get to seasons that are genuinely fun to talk about. But right now we're slogging from the bottom of the ladder.

2005 was mercifully the final season of the Hofher era. Sitting at 0-9 with just two games remaining, Hofher was informed by Athletic Director Warde Manuel that he would not be returning to the sidelines in 2006. UB would actually win their next game, against Kent State, 10-6, but it was too little to late to save the coach.

In that lone win on the season, UB got contributions from future stars, as Drew Willy, Ramon Guzman, and Kareem Byrom all factored into the victory.

On the season UB's offense was led by Willy's 60% completion percentage and Chad Upshaw's three receiving touchdowns, while Byrom led the team in both tackles and interceptions.

Coach - Jim Hofher


Hofher was a Quarterback at Cornell who had worked his way up to coaching in the Ivy League via the Mid American conference.

Hofher's coaching career began in 1981 as the quarterbacks and wide receivers coach at Miami of Ohio. He went on to work at Wake Forest, Syracuse, and  Tennessee before landing the head job at his Alma Mater.

He was the head football coach at Cornell University from 1990 to 1997. After Cornell he once again moved around as an assistant until UB hired him on.

From 2001 to 2005 Hofher led the Bulls to an 8-49 record. 

Gov - George Pataki

American politician who was the 53rd Governor of New York. A member of the Republican Party, Pataki ousted Mario M. Cuomo in 1994 and held the office for three terms.

As he left office in 2006 the New York Times praised his work on health care and the environment.

He was unpopular in liberal circles because of his tax cuts but despite the 95 tax cuts revenues soared to the point that when Pataki left office in 2006, a rainy day fund exceeding $4 billion was passed on to his successor.

In The News News

Youtube is founded in April - it's not even ten years old yet!

Cardinal Ratzinger of Germany succeeds Pope John Paul II, taking the name Pop Benedict XVI

Surgeons in France carry out the first successful face transplant.

The year ends with a 'leap second' at 11:59:60 PM to keep our clocks right on schedule.

What Year is Next? The next season marks the last time UB has played a school from the nation's capital.