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First Tweets From the UB World

Twitter is allowing you to see the first tweet on anyone's timeline, by inserting their handle on Let's look at the timeline of first twitter messages and take a glimpse of 20 or so UB related first tweets.

Five years ago on 3/30/2009:

Nicholas with the popular "how does this work" first tweet.

Drew_Willy: 4/23/2009

UBFootballAlum: 4/28/2009

Turner Battle displays the "using this for literal status updates style of twitter" while Tim Graham goes "clever" for his opening tweet.

BradRiter: 5/22/2009

UbSpectrum: 5/24/2009

BNHarrington: 6/9/2009

Fearless leader early adopts, beating out UB Athletics by 3 days...scooped them!

nyce18: 6/20/2009

UBFootball: 7/6/2009

Before he was known as Threelove, Josh Freelove saw what twitter was and how it would be used in the future, his first tweet was the most twitter tweet of all time.

Tsuj10: 7/30/2009

ubbullrun hits twitter and it's just bout that action boss:

UBAthCompliance: 8/28/2009

So who was the MAC Football guru and what happened to him?

KUTurnerGill: 12/13/2009

MVanHarrison: 1/4/2010

UBBULLS1: 2/20/2010

TBNSports: 4/29/2010

I was about that UB action way before my days at Bull Run, and Najja's first tweet was also a case of knowing what Twitter is for and getting right to it.

HustleBelt: 8/10/2010

UBJoeKepler: 8/31/2010

I'm just glad BC found use of twitter after Better Than Ezra, although my choice of show would have been Minus the Bear at the Wibur Theatre on Tuesday:

Bundt got on twitter to say what we all feel after any Super Bowl, which is also what Twitter is all about.

Mr_Faded_Glory: 2/11/2011

aaroncmansfield: 2/27/2011

ScottWilsonBUF: 3/3/2011

UBCoachQuinn: 3/7/2011

iamwatt_21: 6/23/2011

Coach Hurley actually wins for the best first tweet on this list...40th Bday and humblebraging about getting a PTI shot-out.

PeckOnsports: 7/29/2011

A popular first tweet is the, joined twitter because someone started a conversation with me, Starks is new but hip to the lingo, as it took me 5 minutes to fully grasp what he tweeted:

TBNSully: 9/8/2011

TBNbucky: 9/29/2011

BuffNewsVogl: 9/30/2011

UBTrueBlue: 10/19/2011

ToddGarz: 12/4/2011 back in his Northwestern State days

Neutzy with a tweet that is pretty much what my Mom called me to say the first time I texted her.

FakeGuyMAC: 2/3/2012

jdavidbrand: 3/11/2012

UBJonFuller: 5/3/2012

After sleepwalking through the MAC Tourney, I'll guess the waking process is still ongoing.

J_McWhinnie: 7/3/2012

UBDazzlers: 7/8/2012

UBCoachJack: 7/19/2012

46Mack: 7/25/2012

ubvolleyball: 8/6/2012

tbndicesare: 8/11/2012

Ubmenshoops: 10/2/2012

Ubbaseball: 2/6/2013

Ubblueandwhite: 4/1/2013

2nd Best first tweet on the list belongs to:

RodneyMcKissic: 9/6/2013

FakeDannyWhite: 10/1/2013

And there is still time to join and talk UB if you haven't yet, Steven Means is enjoying 5 weeks as a tweeter, already has 52 tweets