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UB Bulls Fan Bus to Cleveland

Do you not trust your old jalopy to make it to Cleveland and back?

Would your gas guzzler eat more than 70$ in gas on the trip?

Are you just really environmentally conscious, and find carpooling, nay, extreme carpooling, virtuous?*

Plan on getting so rip-wasted in Cleveland that you don't trust yourself on the drive home?

Do you just really love buses?**

Have you always wanted to ride a Greyhound, but without the recently-released prisoners?

Want to drink the delicious Blue Kool-Aid with dozens of your closest friends?

UB has the answer for you:

Fans interested in a Fan Bus to Cleveland for UB Men’s Basketball semi-final game of the MAC Tournament in Cleveland, OH
COST: General Public - $70, UB Students - $45 (Cost includes game ticket and transportation)

Bus will depart Alumni Arena at 3:30pm, return immediately after the game . 
Bus will arrive in time for the pre-game social at Harry Buffalo, which is the official gathering place for UB fans prior to all UB Men’s games.
A minimum of 50 people must register for the bus to go
If, interested, please call the UB Ticket office at 1-877-UB-There.

(From the UB Athletics Facebook)

*If you are, let's be friends.

**You're allowed to answer 'yes' to this one, I swear.