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The Ohio Dirt Sheet Revealed

The OU Dirt Sheet was revealed by Zac Jackson of Fox Sports Ohio: Spoiler, it was lame.

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Adam Hunger

Zac Jackson wrote a very nice story about his undercover night in the Ohio O-Zone. It's a fun read.

In the story, he copied the "Bobcat Bulletin" a compilation of dirt on UB players and Coach Hurley that was distributed to Ohio students as in-game taunt fodder. I was prepared for the worst, but was very disappointed in how lame it was:

Freelove posted a picture of Skeete doing something illegal, but we have no proof. BURN

Will Regan went to a private high school. OUCH

Jarod Oldham likes money. GLORY BOY

Jarryn Skeete's last name is Skeete. SO CREATIVE

Coach Hurley likes to clown around with the players. YOU DON'T SEE GOOD COACHES LIKE PETE CARROLL DOING THAT

Javon McCrea's momma is so loving...shes so loving that maybe it's too much? GOT 'EM

Javon McCrea had nothing better to do in Athens than try to call a girl! EWW JAVON HAS COOTIES!

Sadly, Zac Jackson did not go into much detail about Javon's post game actions or Ohio's more vulgar taunts to the Buffalo MVP. However, contrary to comments from some Ohio fans, Jackson gave credit to Hurley for attempting to get the Bulls off the court once he realized the situation was getting out of hand.

Finally, I find it funny that the O-Zone chanted "Bring us 12, bring us 12" you would think Ohio had enough of him by now. Or maybe they were saying bring us 12, as in the 12th seed, because Ohio's loss to UB has the Bobcats hovering near 5th place in the MAC tournament and a 1st round play-in game with the 12th seeded team.