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12 Days of Bull Run Christmas: Seven Tennis Titles

On the seventh day of Christmas, UB gave to me...

UB Athletics

Ok, I'm really fudging the numbers on this one. But I promise you tennis was the absolute hardest of any UB sports to fit in the song, and neither team deserves to be ignored just because "Stojanovska" has four syllables.

So the lyric I'm using is "Seven Tennis Titles." Really, it's five, but two of them are doubles, so if I can count them twice, I can fit them into the song.

Tennis is of course, two separate teams, but also one of the few sports to deliver a MAC team championship to UB, when the women's team won one a few years ago. In recent seasons, the men under Lee "Nails" Nickell have established themselves as a credible contender in the MAC, advancing to the conference final three of the last four years.

In 2014, both teams look to be trending up heading into the 2015 MAC year. In the spring, the men's team got as close to a championship as you possibly can get, falling 4-3 to Ball State. This post, however, will especially highlight UB's success on the courts in the fall season, which saw UB win a number of tournaments:

UB Invitational:

Tanja Stojanovska - Flight A Singles
Stojanovska and Dayana Agasieva - Flight A Doubles
Laura Fernandez and Laura Holterbosch - Flight B Doubles

Cornell Fall Invitational:

Agasieva - Flight C Singles

Princeton Ivy+ Invitational:

Pablo Alvarez - Jadwin Bracket

Additionally, UB saw a program first as Alvarez advanced to the final 16 of the ITA Regionals in New York City. A number of other UB entries for both the men and women advanced to the round of 32, but it was Alvarez making UB history.

It almost feels like a broken record by now, since I'm saying it about so many teams, but it really is true: both tennis teams are trending up into 2015, and their strong fall season in 2014 is the 7th Day of Bull Run Christmas.