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Buffalo Bulls Football: Key Play from the Bowling Green Loss

We take a look at the key play that swung the fates of the Falcons and the Bulls in last Saturday's game in northwest Ohio.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

I think that this week's key play is so clear that I didn't even care that much when I forgot to email the other editors for their submissions. Check out Tim's writeup from Saturday for his take on the game, and be sure to scroll down to the discussion in the comments, as well. I will also have my (overdue) takeaways up shortly.

It's certainly rare, but not totally out of comprehension, for a team to lose after enjoying a five point lead and 3rd and 1 on the opposing 15 yard line. It's probably pretty rare, however, for that team to lose in regulation. But the Bulls managed it.

I've pulled out two plays this week for Key Play of the Game, because I think they're equally critical, but your choice depends on your fourth down philosophy and how much faith you had in Clarke or the defense's eventual ability to stop a two-point conversion.

BG key play 106

I know it's two snaps, but if I claim the second, someone would say, "The FG attempt wouldn't be necessary if Taylor could get a yard on third," and they'd be right. And if I claimed the first, someone could say, "If Clarke could hit the field goal, Bowling Green could go for a tie at best," and they'd also be right.

I would also say that, "Based on the kicking game's iffiness in five games to start the season, putting Taylor out there again to try again for the 14 wouldn't have been a bad bet. And regardless of how Bowling Green's eventual drive played out, 85 yards needing a touchdown is a long way to go for any offense."

And I believe that I, too, am right.

So there you have it. I have a Key Moment of the Game, at least, even if I can't boil it down to one. Your decision between these depends on which of three armchair quarterback strategies you think would have been most effective. As always, if you disagree nominate your play in the comments.