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Last Bull In - Bowling Green State University 10/01 11:30 PM

The boys from Bull Run will be live to break down the Miami game and look forward to BGSU

The Bulls football team will be traveling the Bowling Green this week. The Bulls and Falcons are 3-2, 1-0 MAC and this is a big game for both teams. For sure we will find out what is going on with the defense for both teams. We will have a special guest BJ from Orange & Brown BGSU Blog.

For some reason you are unable to not watch live (of course you want to watch live at 11:30 est) you will find a recording here as soon as the show is over.

As always, please submit your questions for the guys from Bull Run or for BJ the expert on BGSU football below. I promise to get to all your questions. Show ideas are accepted as well (except for asking Conrad to dance!)