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Buffalo Bulls Depth Chart and Press Conference

There are no big changes on the depth chart this week.  The only change is on special teams where Devon Campbell is now the second line punt returner behind Marcus McGIll, replacing Jacob Martinez.

Hopefully that help the punt return game which, on the whole, was rather disappointing last week.No terrible plays but far too often the returner did not even fair catch the ball leading to dozens of last yards.

As a fan I've used a very low bar to measure our return game since UB punt returners coughed up the ball three times against NIU back in 2011. Since then every time we have fielded a punt and not turned it over I breath a sigh or relief.

I think it's time to raise the bar however and look for UB to get some nice long returns in.

Everything else is identical on the depth chart as Buffalo heads into their biggest game of the season against Bowling Green.

Despite the fact Martinez is the "Backup" for Devon Hughes they were both on the field together a lot last week. So far UB has had four "leading receivers" The way Joe Licata has been able to spread the ball around has made the receiving portion of the depth cart pretty meaningless.

Heck this could be the week that Eiland breaks out for 8 catches and two scores.

On defense converted wide-out Boise Ross looked better last week, and the corners as a whole seemed to step up their game.

There is still a lack of support to stop the big play from the safeties but the play you're seeing from Striggles, Lester, Williams, and Ross is exceeding the expectations set during the season opener.

It's UB's first road game since losing to Army, hopefully this out of town trip goes a bit better than the last away game.