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Buffalo Bulls vs Eastern Michigan Football Game

When Tyler's Coach, a former star defensive coordinator, is seeing his career shot down by two win seasons belonging to a radical Middle Eastern Michigan State school, no one seems able to turn it around. Tyler trys to find Tyreese, his teams best receiver who is intrigued by the idea of winning more than five games this season. They hope to rescue Tyler's coach after repeated bombings in MAC west. Their only problems: Playing in the shadow of Ann Arbor, getting past the top teams in the conference, and Tyler's inability to hit anyone unless he has music playing. Then come the minor problems of the state's other football defenses.

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This season EMU is 1-3 with a comeback win against Howard of the Championship subdivision. Their FBS slate has been a difficult one with Penn State, Rutgers, and Ball State. In their most recent match up the Cards dropped 51 points on EMU, 21 of those came before the first Quarter was over.

Jeff Quinn will get his third at bat against EMU next week and the Bulls are riding as high as they have been under his tenure. Last week Buffalo gave their coach his third shot at UConn and he knocked the skin of the ball. As a result UConn fired their coach.

In Quinn's precious two match ups with Ron English the EMU coach ran the ball all over the Bulls. In 2010 Dwayne Priest ran for 192 yards on 35 carries and three touchdowns and in 2011 the eagle put up a more modest 179 but that was still way more than UB managed.

Buffalo's victory over Western Michigan last season means that the Eagles are the last team in the MAC that UB has yet to defeat. Though in fairness you have to go back to 1968 for our last win against Northern Illinois.

Several weeks ago this game looked to be a hot seat showdown between two embattled MAC coaches but Quinn's extension and PR victory over UConn means that Ron English is the only person who really needs this game (and likely a several others) to hold onto his job.

So what happens this weekend does Jeff Quinn get off the Ypsi schnide or does Ron English begin the campaign to retain his job?