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The Postgame Meal: Sandwich Edition

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports


Turn your cupcake into a sandwich. Step 1: Rip bottom off cupcake. Step 2: Put bottom on top of frosting. Step 3: Devour cupcake sandwich.

UB cut off EMU's legs early, with an ankle breaking run by BO and turned them inside out when EMU's successful replay challenge turned a moderate drive start into a Devin Campbell kick return touchdown. Both Jim Schwartz and now Ron English have felt the sting of the replay challenge and no one in the greater Detroit era should ever challenge anything.

The cupcake sandwich honors UB winning the "Ontario Sandwich" for the first time ever, and it is also an apt metaphor for the season, as good as 3-2 feels, it is still wins against Stony Brook, UConn and EMU who are a combined 3-11 with 0 wins against FBS teams. There is no evidence Buffalo is good at football, just evidence that Buffalo isn't horrible at football.

The next two weeks continue the trend against WMU and UMass, two teams that are currently 0-11. IF, (still a big if) UB moves to 5-2, we still won't prove we are anything but kids fat on cupcakes...we however can prove that we are not good at football, by entering Kent's Dix Stadium at anything less than 5-2.


Did I kill your vibe? Sorry. This should make you feel better.

Despite playing cupcakes, we are actually beating cupcakes, and hard. After two of the most unwatchable UB games in recent history (Baylor, Stony) it feels good to watch consistently good football.

Most Enjoyable UB game watched since.. well last week actually. damn this feels nice!

Eagle Totem handed over the Ontario Sandwich after 1 quarter. It's awesome to think that UB is once again inflicting pain on MAC Football fans.

Continuing the Sandwich motif, and capturing the mood of the "Celebration" PB&J Cocktail.

Postgame Song:

One of the perks to being Kings of the Ontario, is full claim to everything Drake and Toronto. Owning the Ontario will have to do until we can take back the entire country of Canada from Baylor next year. In honor of our successful home stand: Hold On We're Going Home.

Of course I will continue to operate on the assumption that Jeff Quinn is only motivated by negative reinforcement. (FIRE QUINN)

10 Factors to decide the game

1) UB Offense vs EMU Defense

Pregame: UB should dominate via doing UB things: 100 yards from Neutz, 100 yards from BO.

Postgame: Oliver gained 150 yards and 2 TDs "he's baaccckkk", Neutz caught 5 balls for 104 yards and his fifth straight game with a TD. So easy a caveman could do it.

Winner: New York

2) House Protection Index:

UB's hero was Branden Oliver, from Miami, Florida. Oliver provide the spark UB had been missing the last few weeks.

EMU's big play came from Chester Springs, PA native Ryan Brumfield, the runner broke a 75-yard TD run late in the game.

Winner: Push

3) UB Defense vs UConn Offense

Pregame: Same story as UConn, make life hell for Tyler Benz force more turnovers.

Postgame: UB forced 3 turnovers and notched 3 sacks. Don't look now but the 2013 Bulls defense looks to be one of the most explosive in recent UB history:

Through 5 games:

2008: 9 Turnovers forced (5 fumbles - 4 Ints) and 5 sacks.
2012: 2 Turnovers forced (2 Ints) and 18 sacks.
2013: 12 Turnovers forced (4 fumbles - 8 Ints) and 16 sacks.

Winner: New York

4) X-Factor

Buffalo: The Fresh Prince Devin Campbell notched his 3rd 100-yard all purpose game of the year with 160 yards vs EMU and two touchdowns. His 96 yard kick return touchdown was a momentum killer akin to last years Georgia or Ohio games...we finally have one of those momentum destroying weapons on our side.

The kick return was the first since Ernest Jackson in 2008 and the fourth longest in UB history.

EMU: Bronson Hill had two so-so games total of 68 yards sandwiched between two explosive games, combined for 227 yards. UB proved susceptible to the run game and the resulting PA pass in their 3 weakest games against Ohio State, Baylor and Stony Brook.

Hill averaged 4 yards a carry, but his 14 carries for 57 yards seemed inconsequential in a game that got out of hand quickly.

Winner: New York

5) Tweet of the week


<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>First time since 1981 Bulls over 40 in consecutive games</p>&mdash; Bob DiCesare (@tbndicesare) <a href="">October 5, 2013</a></blockquote>

<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

Defense is playing great and offense is playing it's best since the D3 days. As a loyal Gillite, I feel it's my duty to set part of the record straight...1981 IN REGULATION because...

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Last time UB scored 40 in back to back games: 11/13/08 and 11/21/08 43-40 at Akron in 4OT &amp; 40-34 at BGSU in 2OT</p>&mdash; Conrad Mostiller (@conradmostiller) <a href="">October 5, 2013</a></blockquote>

<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>


<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Eastern Michigan is fucking awful, but they have sweet jerseys.</p>&mdash; #GoldenStateOfMind (@BBwolf55) <a href="">October 5, 2013</a></blockquote>

<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

If you're gonna lose, might as well look good doing it.

Winner: New York

6) US News & World Report Ranking

Buffalo: 109


Winner: New York, if you think those things matter...

7) Goin' Streaking:

The "Ontario Sandwich " Trophy: EMU holds 5-1 series lead

Buffalo vs EMU: 1 consecutive win

Buffalo at Home: 5 consecutive wins, longest home win streak since: 1983-84 when UB won 8 straight at home:

Since October 30, 2010: UB is 9-9 at home and outscored opponents 468-405.

Buffalo has won 6 of their last 9 games: The last time this occurred was in 2008-09 as UB defeated Ohio, Miami, Akron, BGSU, Ball State and UTEP while falling to Kent State, UConn and Pitt.

This is UB's 5th 1-0 start to MAC play but only Turner Gill has been able to turn a good start into a decent end.

2000 1-3 (1-0) Finish 1-6 (1-6)

2007 1-1 (1-0) Finish 4-6 (4-3)

2008 2-1 (1-0) Finish 6-5 (4-3)

2010 2-3 (1-0) Finish 0-7 (0-7)

2013 3-2 (1-0) Finish ??????

This is the second season UB has a win percentage over .500 in their FBS era (excluding 1-0 records)

In 2008 UB went over .500 for good with a 11/4 victory vs Miami and climbed up to .636 win percentage at 7-4 after defeating Bowling Green.

Currently UB is 3-2 good for a .600 win percentage.

Advantage: New York

Overall winner:

Postgame: Western New York 6-0-1 over Eastern Michigan. It's still Subtember in Buffalo.