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The Traveling Canadian Champion of College Football

Saturday's long awaited win over UConn was by some seen as revenge for the 2008 International Bowl. It got me thinking? Who is the current national champion of Canada?

John E. Sokolowski-US PRESSWIRE

Inspired by EDSBS' "Travelling "The"" project, I found the traveling Canadian National Champion...the results show we had our crack at International redemption, but it wasn't last Saturday vs. UConn.

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The Big East Days

The Big East went 4-0 vs the MAC in the International Bowl, with Cincy, Rutgers, UConn and USF taking the game each of the 4 years of it's existence. Like all things football and Big East, it was not meant to last, the International Bowl died.

The SEC Days

Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia and Auburn all enjoyed Canadian bragging rights for a brief time. Auburn became the only team to hold both the Canadian and American Championships at one time.

The ACC Days

Committed to taking anything the Big East holds near and dear, the ACC took the Canadian Championship. Bookended by Clemson, Georgia and Virginia Techs also enjoyed short runs as Canadian Champs. Clemson lost it in the most Clemson manner, a 70-33 loss to WVU in the Orange Bowl.

The Big 12 Days

WVU's last act as a Big East member was to win back the Canadian Championship...and move it to the Big 12. A fitting tribute to the conference best known for developing teams for better conferences. Has Guns Up and Canada ever been in the same sentence before? Texas Tech owned Canada for two weeks before handing it out to Octogenarian genius Bill Snyder. Snyder, who only works because he needs health insurance, got a little lax as being Canada's team does entitle you to universal health care. Without the need to win for medicine, Snyder put in a bad performance against the Baylor Bears.

Canada's Team: The Baylor Bears

Since that day, November 17, 2012, The Baylor Bears have been Canada's team. The wide open spread attack is akin to a Canadian Football Attack. The color scheme, pure Edmonton Eskimos. Edmonton's most famous QB...Warren Moon. Texas' most famous QB...Warren Moon. Eskimo...possibly offensive nickname, Baylor's best alum plays for another offensively named team.



Buffalo has had two chances to bring the Canadian Championship back where it belongs, 20 or so miles south of Canada: The 2009 International Bowl, a 38-20 loss to UConn and the 2013 Baylor game, a 70-13 loss. If Baylor holds on to the Championship, Buffalo will get another shot at the Championship at home next year against the Bears.

Travelling Canadian Championship
Teams Won Lost Days defeated
Cincinnati 1/6/07 1/5/08 364 WMU
Rutgers 1/5/08 1/3/09 364 Ball St
Uconn 1/3/09 1/2/10 364 Buffalo
USF 1/2/10 9/11/10 252 NIU
Florida 9/11/10 10/2/10 21 USF
Alabama 10/2/10 10/9/10 7 Florida
South Carolina 10/9/10 10/16/10 7 Alabama
Kentucky 10/16/10 10/23/10 7 South Carolina
Georgia 10/23/10 10/30/10 7 Kentucky
Florida 10/30/10 11/13/10 14 Georgia
South Carolina 11/13/10 12/4/10 21 Florida
Auburn 12/4/10 9/17/11 287 South Carolina
Clemson 9/17/11 10/29/11 42 Auburn
Georgia Tech 10/29/11 11/10/11 12 Clemson
Virginia Tech 11/10/11 12/3/11 23 Georgia Tech
Clemson 12/3/11 1/4/12 32 Virginia Tech
WVU 1/4/12 10/13/12 283 Clemson
Texas Tech 10/13/12 10/27/12 14 WVU
Kansas State 10/27/12 11/17/12 21 Texas Tech
Baylor 11/17/12 10/4/13 321 Kansas State