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The Pregame Meal: UConn - Lunch

Er'body in this Gamethread getting tipsy

Hannah Foslien

Video of the Week:

I'm no Randy Houser, but that Stony Brook game put me in a Country mood.

Coaches get their own NCAA '15 game: Saban, Golden, Quinn, Kiffin and more.

Assisted Hate: Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician

I asked SU fans about old rivals UConn and they said: UConn? Did we ever play UConn in the ACC certainly they wouldn't be our rivals. Absolute Power 5 Conference corrupts absolutely I guess.


I'd say.....

Hate the Uconn fans, but there aren’t any.

If there were they wouldn’t take offense, they don’t know what offense is! (See what I did there?)


Teams whose main chants are spelling their name


Need I say more?

I agree...BU clap clap FF clap clap...oh wait...


Storrs is a hellhole. The area is terrible and the campus is not nice, imo

There’s always the computer theft stories, always a classic (basketball, but still counts)

An old credit card theft story

Then, more recently, the credit card theft

basically, google UCONN football theft or UConn athlete theft and have a field day

Aaron Hernandez is from CT

Terrible, terrible fans.


Don't forget about the drug smuggling

Wait a minute, drug smuggling, Basketball, ugly campus, competitive vs. Michigan...UCONN IS AKRON...AKRON IS UCONN!

'CuseRugby with some Nightmare Fuel:


Can't top that any parting shots from the men of Orange?


Stop calling yourselves The University of New York

See! This was rec'd 12 times. If you are a Buffalonian who hates the New York movement, take solace that It annoys Syracuse...I don't hate Syracuse, but I'd rebrand to the Syracuse Bulls if just to make Syracuse angry.

So we learned that Syracuse doesn't hate UConn, because Syracuse got the Power 5, and UConn don't and to pile on to that would just be cruel. I on the other hand DO hate UConn, but we'll talk about that more tomorrow. Happy Flagship Friday Bulls.